Introducing Fb Graph API v10.Zero and Advertising API v10.0

Today we’re releasing the Facebook Graph API 10.0 and Marketing API 10.0.

This release contains many announcements, updates, devaluations, and “underestimates” that may affect the integration of your application (s) into our platform. This post describes these updates and the steps developers need to take to avoid any disruptions.

Detailed information on all changes can be found below. Technical data can be found in our revision log v10.0.

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Announcements and Updates

Data Use Checkup Certification

To avoid losing your access to the Facebook Platform API, perform the Data Use Checkup (DUC) within 60 days of registration. You can complete DUC by going to the “My Apps” page on your app dashboard.

Last fall, Facebook launched the Data Use Checkup (DUC), a new annual requirement for developers to certify their API access and data usage in accordance with the Facebook platform’s terms of use and developer guidelines.

As part of our step-by-step introduction to all apps, a developer notification will provide you with a due date and further instructions, as well as an email to the registered contact address and a notification on your list of required actions in the app dashboard.

Please refer to our developer documentation for detailed instructions on how to fill out DUC. Further information can also be found in the frequently asked questions about DUC.

Group API 90 Day Data Access Levels and Data Limits:

As of May 24th, 2021, when the Groups API is used, the applications’ available data access window is limited to 90 days.

We’re also introducing tiered group API access for consumer applications based on whether they are in development mode or live mode. Group API permissions now behave similarly to standard and extended access for business applications.

Today, apps in development mode can access all the content of public and private groups where the developer is an administrator. After the app review is complete, these apps can access all content from groups that have installed the app.

On May 24, 2021, apps in development mode can only access their own content in public and private groups where the developer is an administrator. This means that the app does not have access to content that other group users (without roles in the app) have published, e.g. B. Contributions and Comments.

See the changelog for version 10.0 for more information

Access levels for public_profile and e-mail permissions for business apps

As part of our ongoing initiatives to protect and protect user data, we have added the public_profile (i.e. standard fields for public profiles) and email permissions to the model for access levels announced in Graph v8.0 for new and existing Business apps.

Newly created business applications now start with standard access for the public_profile and email permissions. When an app has standard access to public_profile, only users with a role in the app or company that are claimed to be used by the app can search for or sign in to the app. If external users need to log in to your app, app administrators can request advanced access in the app dashboard. This access is granted automatically.

See the changelog for version 10.0 for more information

Reminders of data erasure requests

As announced on November 10, 2020, Consumer & Gaming App Types submitted for app review or transitioning from development mode to live mode must have a callback for a data erasure request or a URL with explicit instructions for users to request of deleting provide their data. We plan to enforce this requirement by November 10, 2022 and will remind app developers 60 days prior to enforcement.

Graph Ads Insight API modification options for the project to reduce retention

The Ads Manager user interface no longer supports reporting for Ads Insights metrics older than 37 months. The API will return an error if the request contains date ranges beyond the 37 month retention period. We deactivate the ‘date_preset = lifetime’ and replace it with ‘date_preset = maximum’.

Changes to the Graph API 10.0 in Ads Insight, with the exception of ‘date_preset = Lifetime’, will be applied to all other versions of the Graph API after 90 days. The field called does not have to change. There are preset functions and all “Lifetime” calls are kept for a maximum of 37 months by default.

This change does not affect data related to ad themes, audiences, delivery settings, or ad object names, and it does not change the way any existing metrics are calculated. This change applies to all ad reporting interfaces, including Ad Manager, Ad Reporting, and Lightweight Ad Experiences.

  • Date of publication 02/23/2021:
    • Version 10.0
      • Activate ‘date_preset = maximum’
      • Disable ‘date_preset = Lifetime’
      • Returns failure if the request contains explicit date ranges beyond the 37 month retention period
    • Versions 9.0 and lower
      • No change in current functionality
  • 90 days after publication – May 24th, 2021:
    • Versions 9.0 and lower
      • Activate ‘date_preset = maximum’ (as with the new version).
      • Return errors if the request contains explicit date ranges beyond the 37 month retention period (as with the new version)
      • date_preset = lifetime ‘can still work, but only returns data within 37 months, ie it behaves like maximum

See the changelog for version 10.0 for more information

New deletion policy for external data in ThreatExchange

Beginning May 24, 2021, when partners set an expire_time for the data they upload to ThreatExchange, we will “hard delete” data at the specified expiration time. If you want to indicate that data is no longer valid, set the “expired_on” field so that it is automatically deleted.

In the past, “soft” erase meant that expired content was marked as expired. We no longer support soft erasure. After the content has expired, these are hard deleted and no longer displayed in ThreatExchange.

In addition, all non-Facebook ThreatDescriptors in ThreatExchange will be deleted after the process has expired. The expiration time is still set by the creator of the ThreatDescriptor. The deletion then begins with all expired ThreatDescriptors that were not created by Facebook. If your application currently has ThreatDescriptors that you do not want to delete when this policy goes into effect, you will need to push back or set the expiration date to “0” to ensure that the data never expires.

Click here to learn more about the changes

Targeting changes in the new API

On May 24th, 2021, we will stop asking for location_spec and country parameters when creating a custom lookalike audience for all versions of the API.

When creating a lookalike audience, the user selects the lookalike source and the desired ratio. The location for the lookalikes is defined by the country location in the targeting specification of the campaign. Given this change, there will be no impact on existing campaigns. This change only affects new and edited campaigns.

Launch the new Platform Live Status page

Facebook’s business status page increases transparency and proactive communication with external developers who use Facebook’s platform products. On this page you can centrally check the platform status of Facebook’s business products (ads, WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Developer Platform, etc.). The page is currently available for Ads Manager and Whatsapp Business API. More business products will be added by May 2021.


Expiry of the go live dialogue

On May 24, 2021 we will reject the Go Live Dialog (GLD) SDK. This rejection of an older live production tool occurs in all versions of the API. This change only affects the live broadcast on Facebook. We recommend developers use the Live Producer and Live API for any bespoke live production solution.

Solutions for commissioning as soon as the GLD SDK is out of date:

  • Access Live Producer directly from (or other entry points on Facebook such as the Live Video button on a page or profile).
  • Integrate custom solutions with the Live API

See the changelog for version 10.0 for more information

Connections that aim to expire

On May 24th, 2021 Connections Targeting will no longer be supported when creating / editing an adset. This requirement only affects new and edited campaigns and does not affect existing campaigns.

See the changelog for version 10.0 for more information


Non-obsolete endpoints gr: post: Business / business_users, gr: post: Business / system_users, and gr: post: User / access_tokens

When we launched Graph API v9.0, we limited access to three business endpoints:

  • gr: post: Business / business_users
  • gr: post: Business / system_users
  • gr: post: User / access_tokens

Starting with Graph 10.0, these endpoints will be reopened for API calls if apps meet either of the following two conditions:

  • The target business is the calling app’s ownership business
  • The target business is a child (in a business 2-tier model) of the calling app’s owner business

See the changelog for version 10.0 for more information

Action item calendar

Marketing API version expiry:

As part of our Marketing API release schedule, note the upcoming Marketing API releases:

  • March 3, 2021: Marketing API v7.0 is being removed from the platform out of date
  • May 4, 2021: Marketing API v8.0 is being removed from the platform out of date
  • August 25, 2021: Marketing API v9.0 is being removed from the platform out of date

To avoid disruptions in your business, we recommend migrating all calls to the latest Marketing API version launched today. (See the changelog for more information.)

Graphics API version expiry:

As part of our version schedule for the Graph API, note the upcoming version deviations of the Graph API listed below:

  • May 4, 2021: Graph API v3.2 is being removed from the platform out of date
  • August 3, 2021: Graph API v3.3 is no longer supported and has been removed from the platform

General depreciation

  • May 24, 2021:
    • Go Live Dialog will be obsolete and removed from the platform
    • Connections targeting will be obsolete and removed from the platform

Developer action required

  • Rolling Enrollment: Data Use Checkup Certification
    • After registration, completion must take place within 60 days
    • DUC area for frequently asked questions.
  • February 23, 2021: Start of changes to Graph Ads Insight API for Graph 10.0 only
  • May 24, 2021:
    • Start of Graph Ads Insight API changes for Graph v9.0 and lower
    • Changes to access levels based on App Review take effect
      • Access to group API data is limited to 90 days
      • Implemented tiered group API data planes
      • The change to public_profile and e-mail permissions for Business Apps takes effect
    • The new data policy “Hard Deletion” for ThreatExchange is implemented
  • November 10, 2022: Deadline for data erasure requests

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