Instagram Story Stickers: Greatest Sticker Video games and Names

Welcome back to our Instagram loving blog!

Today, let’s talk about Instagram Story Stickers.

I’m going to show you:

  • What are the Instagram Story Stickers
  • Where are the Instagram Story Stickers
  • Best Instagram Story Stickers for engagement
  • How to find cute Instagram Story Sticker GIFs (the keywords and names to type in the search bar to find aesthetic stickers)

Let’s start.

What are Instagram Stories Stickers?

Stickers are drawings or interactive buttons you add to your story.

There are 2 types of Instagram Stickers on Instagram:

  1. Animated GIF Stickers, and
  2. Interactive Stickers (that your followers can tap on and engage with)

I’m going to show you both.

Where are the Instagram Story Stickers?

To see the Instagram Story Stickers:

  • Open your Instagram Story
  • Upload a photo (or take a photo or video)
  • Tap on the “Smiley Face” button
  • You will see the “Stickers” screen

Like this:

instagram story stickers

Best Instagram Story Stickers for engagement

First off, let’s look at the “Interactive Stickers”.

These are stickers your followers can tap on, to do something.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

Here are the 9 most popular ones:

1. “Add Yours” stickers

Start a trend. Tell people to upload their own stories in your “Add Yours” sticker. For example, you can ask: “Show your view right now”. And people will upload their photos or videos of their views.

Want “Add Yours” prompt ideas? Click here!

instagram story stickers


Next up, the “Question Box” sticker. Also known as the “Q&A” sticker. Start a Q&A or gather your followers’ thoughts, opinions, recommendations or guesses. For example, you can ask: “Do you know any good restaurants in London?”, or “Guess what I’m doing today”.

instagram story stickers

3. Emoji Slider

Let people rate your photo or video. The “Emoji Slider” is a quick way to get more engagement in your stories.

instagram story stickers

4. Poll

One of my favourites! Use the “Poll” Sticker to do a fun quiz, Would you rather, This or That, True or False, or any other fun games.

instagram story stickers

5. Link

Want to share a link to a website, blog post or YouTube video? Use the link stickers.

Bonus: You can also change the text that appears on your Link Sticker.

instagram story stickers

6. Countdown

Do you have an event coming up? Or big reveal? Or announcement to make?

Use the Countdown Stickers! People can tap on it to receive a reminder to check your account when the event starts.

instagram story stickers

7. Camera roll stickers

You can create ANY Insta Story design with this Sticker.

Let’s say you already took a photo or video, and want to add another photo or video on top of it.

Tap on the “Camera Roll” Sticker, and choose photos and videos from your camera roll.

instagram story stickers

instagram story stickers

8. Small business stickers

Want to give a shoutout to a small business? Use the “Small Business” sticker.

instagram story stickers

9. Music

And last but not least, the “Music” Sticker allows you to add any song you want.

Click here if you don’t have the Music Sticker yet.

instagram story stickers

Now you might be asking:

“Cool, but I don’t know what to post with these stickers.”

One of the best ways to use the Stickers is to play games!

Games give you more views and genuine engagement.

Look at all the fun Instagram Story Games here.

How to find cute Instagram Story Sticker GIFs?

Now, let’s look at the Animated GIF Stickers.

GIFs are little drawings, doodles, illustrations or memes that move on the screen.

instagram story stickers

Sometimes, it’s hard to find cute Instagram Story Stickers.

the trick

Type the a keyword or the name of the GIF artist in the GIF search bar:

instagram story stickers

So, what are amazing Instagram Story Sticker names?

Here there are (and they’re all free).

Lines & Lines

You can add lines anywhere. Like to underline or highlight a word, or to add borders around a photo or video.

instagram story stickers

Tapes & Tapes

Sticky tapes make Insta Stories instantly more personal and aesthetic. Put them in the corner of photos or texts.

instagram story stickers


For simple, everyday GIFs.

instagram story stickers

Neutral & Beige

More simple GIFs for everyday stories.

instagram story stickers


These letters are all the rage right now.

Use them for a title. Find each letter to create a cool letter font change effect.

instagram story stickers

Boho & Boho White

Simple, natural GIFs for everyday use.

instagram story stickers


A bit of a relaxed, vintage feel.

instagram story stickers


One of my favorite tricks! Add a photo to your story using the “Camera Roll Sticker” (that we talked about above). And then add a polaroid GIF on top, to make it look aesthetic.

instagram story stickers

Tap here white

When you share a new feed post to your story. Add a “Tap Here” GIF on top of your post.

instagram story stickers

New post white

When you share a new feed post to your story, and want to add a cute “New Post” GIF. You can’t go wrong with a clean, minimalist GIF.

instagram story stickers

Paper & Paper note

To write cute notes on your stories, or to create a scrapbook feel.

instagram story stickers

Vi paper

For cute warm, neutral GIFs.

instagram story stickers

Stars & White Stars

To make your stories sparkle a bit more.

instagram story stickers


For cozy, camping feels.

instagram story stickers


For cute peachy pink, warm GIFs.

instagram story stickers

The uncommon place

Cute colorful GIFs for summer and spring vibes, or if you have a colorful brand.

instagram story stickers


Cute white outline doodles. Perfect for any story.

instagram story stickers


Cozy, warm peachy GIFs.

instagram story stickers


Especially good for autumn / fall vibes.

instagram story stickers


Super fun and colorful GIFs. It includes hearts, sticky tapes, birthday GIFs, blobs and other doodles to highlight something in your photo or video.

instagram story stickers


The perfect handwritten words and doodles for your Insta Stories.

instagram story stickers


More beautiful handwritten words for different occasions (like the days of the week, “yummy” for your food pics).

instagram story stickers


More white outline doodles, but for home lovers. You have cute GIFs like “Home Sweet Home”, “Welcome Home”, “Cozy” and more.

instagram story stickers


If you want super cute stickers, smiley faces, and pokemons. Because why not?

instagram story stickers


I love all @lismosley GIFs – especially her days of the week ones. Perfect for your first story of the day.

instagram story stickers


Have fun creating your interactive and aesthetic Instagram Stories!

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