Instagram Reels Remix: Right here’s The way to Make TikTok Duet Like Movies

Instagram users have been obsessed with the new Remix feature lately, which allows you to place your roles next to someone else’s video. It’s an interesting way to interact, collaborate, and get in touch with other people in the app. You can sing, dance, mimic, or record a reaction video along with other roles. This feature is very similar to TikTok Duet. If you’re thinking of how to use them, here’s an easy guide.

Our tutorial will also teach you how to add lyrics and songs to Instagram Stories to make them fun.

How to Remix Instagram Reels

  1. Open any role and tap three points above and select “Remix this Reel”.
  1. You will now see the original role next to the box where you can add yours. You can record your role right here or upload a recorded video from the gallery.
  1. Then add and choose the Arrow key on the left.
  1. Once added, you can now make changes such as: For example, add filters, increase the tempo, adjust audio levels, or add voice-over to the video.
  1. When you’re done with your video, tap Share with down and it’s done.

How to enable or disable remixing on roles

This remix function is only available for newly uploaded reels. So if you want users to be able to remix your old reels, you can manually enable the feature by tapping three points on your own video and selection Activate remix. However, if you want to turn off remixing on your reels, you can choose Disable remixing.

You can view your Remix Roles in the Roles tab and check who has remixed your roles on Instagram’s Activity tab.

For more tutorials, see our How To section.

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