Instagram™ Posts as a Newbie: Keep away from these Errors

Mistakes in posting Instagram ™ posts as a beginner are inevitable. But for the past few years in business, I’ve seen business owners make the same mistakes on Instagram. So in this blog post I’m going to describe the most common Instagram ™ posting errors and how you can avoid them. this blog post:

Beginner’s Tip # 1 Instagram ™ Posts: Be Hyper-Strategic

First, let’s talk about the most common mistake when beginners post to Instagram ™. So often, companies struggle because they’re not hyper-strategic with the first 75-85 characters of their Instagram ™ post.

The first line of your Instagram ™ post is your hook. Just like with an email subject line, you want it to pop out and grab the attention of your followers. That means you should put the most captivating part of your caption right at the beginning.

Ultimately, people need a reason to click “Read More” in your caption. People are scrolling Instagram ™ at breakneck speed, so you only have seconds to grab their attention.

Check out my PRO client Maggie Landes captivating her followers with her Instagram ™ caption.

By using the eye emoji and asking a question, Maggie gives her followers a reason to pause on her scroll. With a question at the beginning of the Instagram ™ post caption, she also ignites a conversation drum more commitment.

When composing your Instagram ™ posts, think of an emoji that goes with your brand aesthetic. If you get the same questions in the instant Instagram ™ message, include them in your caption.

Beginning Instagram ™ Posts Tip # 2: Add a Call-to-Action

Next, let’s talk about a call-to-action. Essentially, a call-to-action, also known as a CTA, tells your followers exactly what to expect from them. Even better, CTAs can be used in any Instagram ™ neighborhood.

From describing your post to getting it featured on IGTV, CTAs are one of the best ways to drive more engagement. It can be as easy as asking people for comments, sending a direct message, or clicking the link on your Instagram ™ bio to sign up for your email list.

Not every post needs to have an overly aggressive CTA. In fact, the opposite of what you have to do when you say something like “buy from me”. Instead, focus on engagement. A gentle nudge, like asking people to like your post or sending it to a friend, is actually more effective.

If you ask your audience questions, they’ll stick with it. That’s a clever way to work with (not against) the Instagram ™ algorithm.

Instagram ™ Posts Beginner Tip # 3: Create content with your audience in mind

To conclude, let’s talk about a big mistake that I keep seeing all the time. Companies share beautiful content but forget to keep their content Main audience in mind. Whenever you create content, you should always consider what is in it for you.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing personal content. But it is important that you keep in mind how your content is being received by your followers. People buy from brands they trust. What you share on your account makes you the authority in your niche.

For example, if you share a recipe, you can write an Instagram ™ post that says, “This recipe is so good and quick that my family loved it.”

Instead, you could share an Instagram ™ post that will add value to your followers. You could write, “If you roam around every night and are unsure what to do for your family, I’ll be there for you. You can prepare a nutritious one-pot meal in 15 minutes. Less time cooking and less pots cleaning, I think this is a win for every family! Mark your other time-pressed parents below who need this recipe. “

The first Instagram ™ post is about you. However, the second post shares how it will help your ideal followers and has a strong CTA.

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