Instagram Pinning to Get Extra Engagement in Your Posts

Instagram ™ pinning is a great way to get more engagement on Instagram ™. You can now insert your comments and get inserted into other people’s comments! to highlight your favorite comments and meaningful conversations? Here’s what you need to know.

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What is Instagram ™ pinning?

Posting comments on Instagram ™ is the best way to get attention to your favorite post comments. With this update, you no longer have to worry about your favorite comments getting buried under your post.

Instead, this update allows you to pin up to three comments on each post with Instagram ™. When you pin a comment, the original commenter receives a notification.

If your Instagram ™ posts are struggling to hold conversations, check out this YouTube video.

How to Pin an Instagram ™ Comment

Pinning an Instagram ™ comment takes just a few steps. First, find the comment that you want to pin. You can remove the comment later if necessary. So don’t worry about choosing the perfect comment.

Then swipe left and tap the pushpin icon. That’s it! Your comment is now pinned and the account that left the comment will be notified.

Why Pinning Instagram ™ Comments Is Important

Regardless of how the Instagram ™ algorithm changes, engagement is also the single most important factor in determining how many people see your content. Comments on Instagram ™ posts are an important part of the conversation with your followers.

These pinned comments not only encourage the positivity and engagement of the original poster, but also inspire other people to join the conversation.

Once people see that you are pinning comments all the time, they want to leave more targeted comments in the hopes that their feedback will be highlighted.

Best Instagram ™ Pinning Practices

As with any other strategy on Instagram ™, you need to purposely encourage more engagement. Make it a habit to pin three comments on every post you share.

Also leave thoughtful comments on other people’s Instagram ™ posts. Instagram is not a one-way street, and connecting with other accounts will remind people that there is a real person behind your avatar.

My last tip

If you get a great comment after pinning three comments, remove the comment that was highlighted earlier.

Just swipe left and tap the pushpin icon. This comment is no longer pinned, and you can pin a newly added comment.

This is especially important when you see a comment that triggers conversations. Do not let these conversations go unnoticed!

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