Instagram Hashtag Generator App (HANDPICKED + TESTED)

Every single hashtag has been researched and handpicked::

  • There are no coincidence, super general hashtags
  • There are No forbidden hashtags This could damage your account

Hashtags are a way for people to find you and a way for the Instagram algorithm to understand who you want your posts to appear to.

With that in mind, each hashtag group gives you a mix of 4 types of hashtags:

  • Popular hashtags (to signal the Instagram algorithm what your post is about)
  • Niche hashtags (to increase your reach)
  • Community hashtags (to connect you to great Instagram communities)
  • Brand hashtags (If there are any for your industry and you want to help get listed on other people’s accounts)

If you don’t already have it, Click here to download the preview.

Then just follow these 3 steps::

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