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As pandemic restrictions in the US come to an end, some beauty brands are ramping up their TikTok live streaming.

For example, the CBD brand Truly Beauty began live streaming on TikTok at the beginning of the pandemic and has since stepped up its activities. Currently, two lives a week are being conducted on all social channels and there are plans to offer more regular programs.

“Our goal is to go live every day, five days a week, Monday through Friday,” said Tyler Moore, social and marketing manager, Truly Beauty.

With 1.5 million TikTok followers, the brand’s livestreams are “always pretty crazy,” said Moore. “A lot of people just take part, regardless of the content of the live. I think that’s just because of our overall brand presence on this channel. “It turns out that noon is the best time to go live and there are both influencers and brand people on the live streams.

TikTok has evolved its live streaming capabilities roll live stream last year E-commerce with Walmart in a pilot in December, followed by a beauty shopping event in March. In addition to Truly Beauty, Urban Decay, Tarte, Elf, Too Faced, and Milk Makeup are among the other beauty brands that have experimented with TikTok life.

With TikTok live streaming, certain types of content are more popular than other platforms. “Most people are more attached to an employee – someone who actually works for Truly,” said Moore. He said TikTok’s live viewers are “most curious” about what it’s like to work at the brand and how the products are developed. The brand also keeps Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube lives, which Moore says are more focused on product recommendations and routines.

It also helps to incorporate surprises into live streams to drive views and engagements. “What we always try in life is that something is going on in life as we continue the conversation.” For example, a livestream with an employee’s rabbit “possessed” people, he said. It had thousands of views at a time compared to the hundreds the brand normally gets.

After Walmart’s early entry, brands are eager to get on board with a wider rollout of TikTok shop-live streaming.

“We’re having this conversation soon, so I think we can implement it in one way or another,” said Moore of TikTok Livestreaming Commerce. The brand is currently unable to sell on Instagram, where in-app sales of CBD products are not allowed. “We hope TikTok’s guidelines may be a little less strict,” he said when it comes to CBD.

Currently, the TikTok brand is using live streams to announce Flash salesand offers exclusive discount codes with one hour notice to purchase. “It’s always really fun because it’s super appealing. And we actually generate a lot of money with it, ”said Moore. But he said the brand remains balanced in terms of content. “We don’t always want to be like salespeople. Sometimes we just want to connect with people, so we do Q&A, ”he said.

Overall, TikTok is one of Truly Beauty’s Top sales driver via paid and organic social and has been a great source of brand awareness, said Moore. While the brand’s primary demographic is people ages 24 to 33, TikTok has helped reach the 16 to 23 age group.

Even when stores open, the brand expects live streaming to be persistent.

“We saw that purchasing power through live,” he said, noting that the brand was watching the size of the live-stream shopping market in China. “We assume the US will likely be like that for the next three to four years. That’s why we want to be one step ahead of the game, ”he said.

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