Individuals On TikTok Are Mesmerized After A Vancouver Airport Employee Shares What Occurs To Baggage

A baggage handler at Vancouver Airport gave his TikTok followers a rare glimpse into how they stack travelers’ bags for a flight.

The worker known on TikTok as @djsugue has already collected 3.8 million likes and 75,000 followers for his videos from the airport.

This particular video has been viewed more than 26 million times and shows handlers strategically placing the bags to make effective use of the small space under the aircraft – and it’s fascinating.


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One of the hallmarks of his videos seems to be when he pretends to be taking a nap while stacking the bags.

People commenting on the video pointed to the small room he had to work in while another said “these workers are underestimated” and thanked them for their efforts.

One TikTok user joked that they “would never pack my suitcase heavy again, sorry for that man”.

Another viral video posted by a Vancouver Airport employee showed what happens to travelers’ pets when they are put in the hold for a flight.

One TikToker thought suitcases were traveling in an underground system while another thought it was like a real Tetris game.

It showed that it can be a pretty bumpy ride for our beloved fur babies while people upstairs enjoy their food and drinks.

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