‘I Received Angels All Over’: Further Donations For TikTok Star ‘Patriotic Kenny’ To Purchase Scooters For 25 Veterans – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota veteran received the surprise of a lifetime Sunday, all thanks to his rapid rise to star as a social media celebrity.

Kenny Jary, a Navy veteran from Willernie, Washington County, is better known as “Patriotic Kenny” to his 1.1 million TikTok followers.

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Thanks to the generosity of his fans, Jary was given a new mobile scooter at North St. Paul’s Veterans Memorial Park. Jary had been without one for weeks.

Jary, a man who is not afraid of his emotions, collapsed when he saw the new scooter.

“That’s one Cadillac of them all. It is [like] $ 10 million for me, ”said Jary. “Right now there are no words to say, I’m so happy.”

Kenny Jary (Credit: CBS)

The Jarys Scooter GoFundMe raised enough money that he and Amanda Kline – his neighbor, girlfriend, and videographer – are now giving free scooters to 25 other veterans across the country.

“We have already started announcing it [Sunday]”Said Kline. “We called two veterans, it was great. One of the highlights of our life. “

Jary says he’ll do his part as best he can to reach out to other veterans. He shared that special Sunday moment with his best friend Jerry and Jerry’s daughter Jenny, who is Kline’s best friend. Both Jerry and Jenny are deaf.

“The four of us have become a crew,” said Kline. “Two deaf people, two hearing people. Kenny’s learning mark [language] and I already know signs. “

Together they plan to use this new platform to do good in the world.

“My whole life has changed since I went back to church,” Jary said. “I have angels everywhere, especially these angels.”

Jary is passionate about contacting veterinarians like him to help prevent suicides. Recent data shows that the suicide rate among veterans has increased 35% since 2001.

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