I attempted the viral TikTok adjustable buttons they usually truly work fairly properly

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You’re taking your jeans out of the dryer. You put them on and in the classic post-dryer shape they fit like a glove.

Twenty minutes go by and your jeans have already succumbed to the bloody jeans waist stretch. What are you doing now? Walking around with that weird gap in the waist the rest of the day? Wear a belt?

I firmly believe that a belt can ruin an outfit. There’s something so practical about a belt that it can suck all the whims of an outfit (unless it’s around $ 100 and from Lisa Says Gah and in which case I can’t afford it). With the belt solution out the window, I decided to try TikTok’s answer to the age-old problem of the waist gap: adjustable buttons.

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I heard about the buttons when I was out for lunch with a friend and she was adjusting her pants while she was eating. She swore by the buttons and assured me that they regularly go viral on TikTok.

The buttons were only $ 5 on Amazon and came in a pack of four.

The buttons are made up of two parts: the adjustable button, which is essentially a pen, and the cap to the pen. You place the pen where you want the button on your pants to adjust the waist of your pants. Then you stick the needle into your pants and push the cap into it.

Be sure to place it on the button side of your pants. I kept accidentally sticking the needle on the buttonhole side.

After inserting the pen in the desired location, cover it with the cap.

The stinging part of the process was a huge barrier for me. I grew up in a household where it was practically criminal to tear off a label from clothing instead of cutting it off. I found the hole made by the pen noticeable and it bothered me.

Using the adjustable button leaves small holes.

Using the adjustable button leaves small holes.

The pen is pretty dangerous too. I stabbed my finger to place the button.

These buttons are not for the faint of heart.

These buttons are not for the faint of heart.

I tried the button on four different pants: two jeans, one cotton pants and one canvas pants.

The button worked fine on all of my pants; It allows your pants to fit snugly without a belt or God forbid your pants are made to measure. The button is super secure and won’t pop off when you’re sitting or moving. It’s so safe that I constantly struggled to remove the button from my pants.

I’ve found the button to work best on pants that are a little too loose at the waist, as this will prevent the button from being off-center. I see a lot of girls on TikTok who haven’t buttoned their pants in the middle and they don’t seem to mind, but personally I don’t like the way it looks.

Pants that require a deeper button can cause the pants to become asymmetrical and cause weird bundling around the zipper. The bundling is worse with light fabrics and more noticeable with lighter fabrics.

I found the asymmetrical button and bunching weird and didn’t like the fact that I poked a hole in my pants every time I used them, but the buttons were only $ 5 and are a great quick fix. I’ll likely use them again – but only when desperate times call for desperate action.

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