How you can Swap to the New Instagram Rectangle Grid (No extra Sq.?)

Let’s say you still have the square grid style. And you want the new square feed.

Or let’s say you have the square grid and you really want to go back to the square grid.

Can you switch it on Instagram?

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t have the option to switch grid styles at the moment.

They are only testing this new grid style on some accounts.

  • If their test goes well, they will switch the feed style to rectangle for everyone.
  • If they decide the square grid was better, they will revert to squares for everyone.

How long will it take until we know if this is a permanent change?

Instagram usually tests during a couple of months before making the final decision.

We will let you know on our account ( if this will be a permanent change.

For now you can switch feed styles in your Preview App, and continue planning your feed in peace.

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