How you can Get the “Hyperlink” Sticker on Instagram?

Instagram said they will slowly roll out the new “Link” sticker to everyone around the world from August 30, 2021.

So maybe we won’t get it all at once. It may take a few days or weeks for everyone to get it, after August 30th.

Here’s what you can try to get it:

  • Open your App Store or Google PlayStore app
  • Search for Instagram
  • Check if you can To update the app manually (sometimes there is a “To update“Key that you can press)

After the update, check that you have the “Link” sticker.


You may need to have one Creator or Companies Instagram account to get this feature. If you don’t already have a profile, switch to a Creator or Business Instagram profile.

If you still don’t have it, you’ll have to wait.

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