How you can Change the Hyperlink Sticker Textual content in your Instagram Story

You can now change the text on the sticker link in your Instagram story!

This way, your website name will not be displayed.

It can write anything you want.

Let’s look at:

  • How to change the link sticker text
  • Custom Link Sticker Name Ideas
  • BONUS: How to Schedule Your Stories with a Custom Link Sticker Name

How to change the text on the link sticker in Instagram Story

To change the text on the link sticker:

  1. Press the link sticker
  2. Enter your website url
  3. Tap on “Customize sticker text” (choose carefully because you won’t be able to edit it afterwards)
  4. Write your custom text

Like this:

Link sticker text

Link sticker text

Link sticker text

Link sticker text

Name ideas for Instagram link stickers

Do you want to get creative with your Link sticker names?

Here are a few ideas:

Link sticker text

Plan your Instagram stories with the link

In the preview app:

  • Open your Insta Story Planner
  • Open your notes
  • Add a link
  • In the caption for your team members (or yourself), make a note of what custom text you want to use for your link

Link sticker text

Link sticker text


Instagram doesn’t allow apps or websites to schedule with a sticker. The only Instagram approved Option is to prepare your link and your link sticker name. Include them on your Insta Stories before posting.

That’s it!

Have fun adding links to your Insta Stories!

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