How we began our enterprise (the instagram knowledgeable Sue B. + CEO get actual)

A common question asked is how did I start my online education business? Especially since we were one of the first companies to do Instagram ™ online education. If you are new to my business you should know that I did not start my business alone.’s why I’m going to give you a glimpse into my success with my co-founder and CEO in this blog. Morgan Sutton. Discover the four guiding principles that helped Morgan and I achieve business success on Instagram ™.

In this blog post:

How to become an expert online

First things first, Morgan and I weren’t always Instagram ™ pros. We discovered our talent for Instagram ™ while running my Cape Cod store, Sue B. Do. We started to share consistently on Instagram ™ with the geotag.

Customers came in and said they found us on Instagram ™. Then the light bulb went out.

We didn’t have to keep our growing Instagram ™ knowledge to ourselves. We started our business by showing other companies how to use Instagram ™.

Teach what you know and love

Another important thing we learned in building our business is that it is important to teach what you know. Focus on showing what you have succeeded with.

Credibility is everything. Prospects won’t just trust you to know what’s best for their business. You have to show them why you are the right expert. But that doesn’t mean you have to have decades of success or thousands of testimonials.

How Amy Portfield says you just have to be a little further from the people you teach. You don’t have to be 10 years ahead of anyone, just 10%.

We were also looking for a way to network with our local community. Sue has taught courses at local colleges and universities. We have also started reaching out to women networking groups.

Each engagement was an opportunity to refine the focus of the business. While it is tempting to hold up for paid lectures, one has to start somewhere. Look out for free events. You can work on your speaking skills and expand your customer base.

What the first few years looked like as the Instagram ™ Expert grew

We don’t want you to believe that starting this company was an overnight success. Our personal life was completely different. Morgan was a college student who ran the business from her dormitory. Sue raised three teenage daughters.

But even when things were crazy, we had a clear idea of ​​the kind of business we wanted to build. That consistency allowed us to rock and weave to integrate our business into what it is today.

Sometimes when things are not going well in your business, all you have is momentum. That is why it is so important to have clear goals for your company. Even now, our team meets several times a year to set our short and long term goals.

Last tip

People will always say that you should start a business “making money while you sleep”. While our business makes us money while we sleep now, that hasn’t always been the case.

That is why it is so important to lay the foundation for your company. Don’t jump in with both feet and hope it works. Instead, start networking with people who already trust you. Then you can use their testimonials to help move your business forward.

Here’s how to create a highly engaged online community on Instagram ™

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