How To Reward Your Favourite Creators Throughout Dwell Streams

TikTok Live is a great way for creators and their followers to connect through the app, and sending a gift to a creator is a way to reward them.

Tick ​​tock Users can send a virtual gift to their favorite creator during a live stream, which is another way to connect during a TikTok Live. TikTok has a lot to offer developers Tips for a successful livestream, including finding a quiet place to film and planning ahead. For users who would like to reward their favorite creators with a gift during a live stream, follow these steps.

TikTok creators need 1,000 followers to Get started with TikTok Live, and TikTok also requires YouTubers to be at least sixteen years old to host a livestream. While everyone can join a TikTok Live By simply tapping the button with the two smiling faces in the Comments section, the host must give permission. Back in May TikTok has introduced live eventswhich allows TikTokers to post a video promoting the live stream in advance while allowing users to add the upcoming event to their calendar so they don’t forget.

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To send gifts, Tick ​​tock states that both the viewer and the TikToker must be at least 18 years old to send or receive a gift. Viewers also need to purchase virtual coins in the app, which they can do by clicking the “balance”Button in the settings. From there, users can simply click on the “Charge“And choose from a number of coins available for purchase at various prices. For example, 65 coins are $ 0.99, 330 coins are $ 4.99, and the maximum amount of 16,500 coins is $ 249.99. Once the user has enough coins and is watching a TikTok Live, they can tap the Gift button next to the comment area. Once tapped, the viewer can choose a gift for a certain amount of coins. As an example, a “Cry Laugh” gift costs 25 coins, while a “Bronze Gummy” costs 500 coins. Then all you have to do is click “Send” and the creator will see that they received a gift during the live.

Creators could receive diamonds as gifts

TikTOk celebrations

After a creator receives a gift, TikTok can reward them with diamonds. Diamonds are virtual funds that TikTokers can withdraw from their account and redeem for real money sent through a third-party payment app, e.g. a PayPal. So not only can a user show their favorite TikToker how much fun they are enjoying their content by sending a gift, but they can also help that creator make money with TikTok. When you consider how many YouTubers use TikTok to generate income, it is good to know that users can directly help their favorite creator earn more.

TikTok also offers creators the opportunity to create a playlist for their videos, which helps them organize similar videos in a single place. Creating a playlist can be beneficial for both the user and the creator as it allows users to find more videos that they are likely to be interested in, which means that it will increase the views of those videos. TikTok is a great social media app for content creators, and features like gifts and playlists make it even better.

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