How the Horrors of Struggle Have Grow to be a Everlasting Characteristic of Digital Actuality ⋆ Visegrad Perception

We idealize regulation too much. Social media — as the Russian aggression against Ukraine this time shows — have been permanently affected by an element of evil accompanying people throughout history. We can try to limit it, but this new model of war theater has taken hold of our screens for good.

On the one hand, high-speed access to information can even save lives and facilitate the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of people to help Ukrainian victims. On the other hand, the amplification of war propaganda and the anti-Ukrainian narrative act to mobilize supporters of Russian aggression.

Editor’s Pick: Pro-Kremlin Disinformation in Ukraine — Five Key Messages

The face of social media is ambiguous — both in times of peace and war. We are learning how the internet affects our reality all the time, and it looks like it is not an easy process. What does the onslaught in Ukraine tell us about online platforms and their impact on very real politics?


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