How Starbucks Workers Actually Really feel About Being Filmed For TikTok

However, a few comments below the Reddit post raised the possibility of legal ramifications. “If you take me in, I’ll sue you,” one of the people reportedly yelled at a reception customer. They then stated that they live in Wisconsin, which has admission laws. The other noted, “Some states have laws against filming people without their consent, it may be worth looking into.”

Recording Law, a website that goes into details of such laws, states that the United States has two categories of consents for recording. One-party consent laws, which allow one person to record without the other person’s consent, and two-party consent, which requires both people’s consent, provided they can consider the situation private. The majority of states work with one-party consensus.

But The Verge learned from a lawyer Jennifer Ellis that the privacy clause prohibits most appeals. “In public,” she said, “there is generally no reasonable claim to privacy and can therefore take in people.” An example that Ellis later cites is the subway. Since you don’t have privacy on the subway, people can pick you up. However, individuals who own areas like Starbucks can enforce their own bans on videos. However, according to some Starbucks employees on Reddit, many employees are told to play along with the TikTok-using customers. So in most cases, the worker is unlikely to have a case.

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