How Remi Bader Turned the Queen of Lifelike Clothes Hauls—And TikTok

E !: Still in shock, do you now have celebrity followers like Ashley Graham?

RB: She actually only texted TikTok personally, so it’s pretty insane. I have these moments when it becomes normal for people to reach out to me, but at the same time I have these moments when it’s like it’s sacred. I just look at this person and never in my life would I think that they would ever acknowledge or know who I am. Meghan Trainor is a really big fan of mine which is crazy to say. Meghan is also in the full body positivity movement. She is another one who was super exciting.

E !: Do you feel pressured to keep your followers confident even when you’re not feeling well?

RB: I definitely feel like I owe everyone and I really feel like it is my job to be there for everyone now. I think that’s why people love the videos as I am as authentic as me. But of course there will be times when I don’t feel so good: I’m tired, I just need to give myself time to relax.

Everyone keeps asking me, “How are you so confident?” and I really like to tell people that I am not as confident as you think I am. I’ve lost a lot of confidence in the past few years. I think it’s a really big process to get that trust back, but I’m in it with everyone else.

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