How one can Repost Somebody’s Instagram Story (The Final Information)

Is there an app for reposting Instagram Stories?

Instagram doesn’t allow other apps or websites to republish other people’s Instagram Stories (currently). It’s against their rules and guidelines.

The best way to “repost” a person’s story is to:

  • Save your Instagram stories using the methods and above mentioned
  • Use an app like Preview to organize and schedule them.

The preview has been officially approved by Instagram and is safe to use.

You can use it on your phone and on the computer.

To publish Instagram Stories using the Preview app on the phone:

  1. Save or take screenshots / screen shots of the stories you want to republish (using the tricks above)
  2. Upload the stories in the preview
  3. Post them whenever you want or
  4. Plan your Instagram Stories (optional: prepare your swipe-up links too)

You can rearrange the order of the stories if you have several plans. This will let you know the order in which to post.

You can also view the stories as if you had already published them on your account.

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