How one can Repost Instagram VIDEOS, PHOTOS and ALBUMS utilizing Preview app?

You can repost as many Instagram posts as you like preview app (on your phone or computer).

If you already use it preview app, you know what’s going on. Click here to view the repost tutorial.

If you don’t know Preview yet, be curious. Here is a short introduction:

The preview app is an app for to plan, design And administer your instagram You can schedule as many photos, carousels, and reels as you like. Your “preview feed” will look like your Instagram feed.

The entire purpose of the app is to help you see what your feed will look like before posting to Instagram.

What does this have to do with repost?

Well, compared to other repost apps, the preview app allows you to repost Instagram posts while styling your feed. You can change the order of your reposted photos/videos/albums by dragging and dropping them.

You can also upload your own photos. You can also prepare your caption, use your own hashtags (or even find hashtags in the app), edit the photos, and schedule the posts.

You can repost as many Instagram photos, videos and albums as you like.

Ok, here’s how to repost Instagram posts with preview.

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