How one can Pin (and Unpin) Posts

What can you pin?

Pin posts that you want to highlight.

It can be posts that get you a lot of shares, comments, likes, saves, customers or taps on the link in your bio.

Here are some ideas.

Product business:

  • About you
  • Your most liked posts
  • New arrivals / product drops
  • Best sellers
  • Sales / Promo Code
  • Behind the scenes
  • Materials you use
  • Your point of difference
  • A quote that embodies your values
  • A panoramic banner
  • Branded partnerships
  • Stock left (how many pieces are left of a popular item to create urgency)
  • FAQ

Service business:

  • About you / introduction / your journey
  • Your values
  • Your mission statement
  • Your service descriptions
  • Customer reviews, results or success stories
  • Limited time offers
  • Current spots left (a post with a caption you can edit regularly to let people know about your availability)
  • Sales
  • FAQ

Bloggers / Influencers:

  • Your most liked / viewed post
  • Posts you want to get more likes, comments or saves on
  • A post that embodies your style / personality / values
  • About you
  • Branded partnerships
  • Collab posts

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