How Melissa Ong rose to fame and began a TikTok ‘cult’ of followers

Melissa Ong spent her first few months on TikTok, slowly dipping her toes in to create original content.

Ong was an avid viewer on the platform, who she loved because she reminded her of Vine – and because she wanted to grow up as a YouTuber. So, slowly and inconsistently, she started posting her own videos until she found she was getting 10,000 to 100,000 new followers every week.

Ong quit her job at Google and started properly producing her comedic TikToks in early 2020.

“I would say my brand is dark and slippery and satirical,” Ong In The Know explained. “[I’m] Encourage people to just do what they want. “

After reaching 1 million followers Ong thought it would be fun to start a “cult”.

“I made a joke on TikTok like, ‘Hey guys, let’s make a cult,'” Ong said. “I’ll be the cult leader, AKA the mother hen, and whoever is in the cult will be the stephickens. If you want to be a step hen, just change your profile picture to my profile picture so we can easily identify each other on the TikTok app. “

Ong’s “cult” of the stephickens was so impressive that the New York Times wrote a statement in May 2020.

This is a reference to Ong’s sense of humor, which she describes as “raw, real, and out there”.

Since then, Ong has garnered 3 million followers who she hopes will enjoy their content for its authenticity.

“Creating comedy really is the only way I feel like I can really live,” she said. “I hope that when people see my content, they know that I am really myself.”

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