How Many Hashtags to Use on Instagram

Did you hear the Instagram rumor about how many hashtags to use? Some people swear that you should only share 8-15 hashtags per post … and others say you should use all 30. Who is right? Keep reading this blog post to discover some expert hashtag tips from my friend Matthew Pierce, co-owner of Hashtag slayer.
In this blog post:

Before we dive into hashtag selection or how Hashtag Slayer can help you improve your Instagram strategy, let’s cover some basics. When you add a pound sign to a word or phrase on Instagram, it becomes a clickable link.

Tapping on the hashtagged phrase or word takes you to what I call the “hashtag hub”. Now you can see all the content marked with that hashtag.

Using hashtags is a simple yet effective way to organically expand your content reach and connect with your ideal audience.

Now you’re probably thinking, “But Sue, what hashtags should I use?” I mean, there are literally hundreds of options for any piece of content you share.

This is where my friend and hashtag expert Matthew Pierce comes in. Matthew always says that the secret to a successful hashtag strategy is to use RELEVANT hashtags.

In all honesty, that is also our advice here in the SBZ team.

Instead of using 30 random hashtags, choose a handful of hashtags that best suit your content. Chances are you’ll show up on these smaller, more curated hashtag hubs.

Ultimately, irrelevant hashtags will clog your account with disengaged followers and bots. Neither of these will help you organically expand the reach of your business.

In the end, it’s not just about the quantity of hashtags you share, but the quality. Most importantly, finding the CORRECT hashtags for your post and industry.

Okay, so you know why relevant hashtags are important … but how do you choose them? Especially when you don’t have hours to find the perfect hashtags.

That’s why Hashtag slayer (who sponsors this YouTube video) is your new best friend.

The process with hashtag Slayer is super easy:

  1. First, discover new hashtags and select them safely using their simple search tools.
  2. Next, you can manage your hashtags with unlimited collections that you can combine and match at any time.
  3. Finally, the final step is optimization with the Hashtag Slayers algorithm to intelligently choose from your collections for a new set with each post.

Within seconds you will find the right mix of hashtags to reach new audiences, increase your engagement and grow your business.

Let’s take a closer look now Hashtag slayer.

There are two ways to create hashtag collections in Hashtag Slayer. First, hashtag collections store hashtags by topic.

For example, I have a collection of hashtags called “Business Inspiration”. This is the collection I use when sharing Instagram content about business lifestyle or motivation.

You can do a hashtag or competitor search. First, I’ll show you how to search for hashtags. For example, I want to see what type of content is displayed when I search for #BossWoman.

Once I type #BossWoman into the search function, I can scroll down to the suggested hashtags to see other similar content. You will find that the hashtags are categorized as easy, normal, or difficult. This gives you an idea of ​​the chances of being found on this hashtag hub.

Ideally, you want to create a hashtag collection that is a mix of easy, normal, and hard. Check the boxes on the left that fit into this category. Now you can either create a collection or add these hashtags to an existing collection.

Another way to search for hashtags is to find competitors. First click Home, then enter a competitor. For example, I’m going to check out my inspiring friend Marie Forelo.

Once on the competition screen, I can see the hashtags that she uses frequently. Then I can add any of those relevant hashtags to my collection.

Now to use the hashtags you have collected, simply go to the home screen and select the collection. Then you can have the hashtag Slayer “generate set”. Now all you have to do is copy and paste the optimized hashtags into your post.

You can go deeper with Hashtag Slayer, and they have some amazing tutorials. But even if you don’t want to dive deep into everything Hashtag Slayer has to offer, as a beginner you can get a lot out of the program.

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