How Bliss tapped into TikTok for its Gen-Z evolution – Shiny

Three years after the more youthful rebranding, the body and skin care label Bliss doubles on TikTok.

On Friday, the brand launched its second annual campaign with the youth-focused nonprofit LGBTQ project The Trevor Project. The campaign started with a cyberbullying conversation between beauty influencers Hyram Yarbro and Manny Gutierrez and Trevor Project spokesman Chris Bright on a TikTok livestream. The talk, titled PepTok Live, also helped promote Bliss’s fundraiser. For every positive comment marking the brand, $ 1 (up to $ 100,000) will be donated to The Trevor Project. The campaign is being promoted on TikTok by other influencers, including Chris Olsen, Avery Cyrus, and Markell Washington.

The brand ran a similar campaign with Instagram Live last year, but chose this iteration because of its relevance to TikTok’s live streaming platform.

“TikTok has been a really wonderful platform for the brand,” said Tina Pozzi, Bliss chief brand officer. “We grew very quickly and saw a lot of commitment. We thought it was the most culturally relevant place. It felt right to choose TikTok to talk about creating affirmative spaces and mental health because there were so many influencers who were so open on the platform. “

Bliss has been active on TikTok since February 2020 and. It currently has over 171,000 followers and has benefited from TikTok influencers and the viral music campaign’s playbook. The #ThisisBliss campaign was created by Agency Movers + Shakers received 6.8 billion views of the hashtag in September 2020 and hired top TikTok influencers for a #FindYourBliss campaign for its vitamin C serum earlier this year.

The former premium spa brand, founded in 1996, reunited in 2018, cutting prices and changing the retail model, with a focus on large retailers and drugstores. This accessible positioning has attracted younger consumers; The main age of the age is currently between 18 and 34 years old, Pozzi said.

“The ability for us to move into the bulk market with retail launches at Target and Walmart and lower prices,” “has lowered the age demographics,” said Pozzi. This coincided with new investments in product categories aimed at younger buyers, such as Acne in July 2020. The new Acne line was “where we really have invested heavily in media, [as well as] Influencer Marketing, knowing that this franchise was definitely going to be younger, ”said Pozzi.

The brand’s retail expansions were a big part of promoting Gen Z. “Amazon is a very important channel to them, it’s convenient,” said Pozzi. “You demand this comfort factor. And they are still very much [strongly] also shop at Target and Walmart. “

She added that big box distribution isn’t an issue for brand equity when it comes to younger buyers. “There is no longer that stigma at all,” she said. “These retailers have focused on establishing themselves as beauty destinations.”

Overall, Bliss will continue with its strategy that it adopted during the pandemic. “We’ve definitely seen a lot of consumer behavior,” said Pozzi. “ÖYour consumer is a little younger so she is definitely shopping online. This behavior is here to stay. “

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