How a TikTok video and a stuffed canine named Max gave a Spring Arbor girl a brand new profession

SPRING ARBOR, Michigan – Danielle Allore-Taylor has always loved her stuffed animals.

“This is rabbit. My mother always fixed it for me. So, as I got older, I thought I could fix it and other stuffed animals, ”said Allore-Taylor.

But a little luck, a stuffed dog named Max, and a viral video made it something more.

In 2020, Allore-Taylor was hired as an assistant for a music therapy program. Then she was released and devoted herself to her favorite hobby: restoring stuffed animals.

Someone she didn’t know contacted her “pretty out of the blue,” said Darren Taylor, Danielle’s husband.

“I had a wife, her name was Ora,” said Allore-Taylor. “She sent me a message saying, ‘I have a stuffed dog. I’ve been looking for someone to fix it for months, do you think you could help me? ‘ So I did “

She recorded the recovery process on TikTok.

The video now has more than 5 million views.


Meet Max. Watch him go from dreary to fabulous! ## HappyHolidays ## GiftOfGame ## Transformation

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“We sat down for dinner and I checked my phone after dinner and thought, ‘Oh my god. What’s wrong? My phone exploded, ‘and that night was kind of a turning point for us,’ Hey, this is something, you know, a little sideline we can do, ‘Allore-Taylor said. “Overnight I thought, ‘What should I do for a living?’ to ‘I may need help with all of this great opportunity.’ ”

Her husband said it was “just kindled like fire.

“So many people look at it and then more and more people have asked her to do things,” he said. “It was pretty overwhelming, but in a good way, just because we now have all these stuffed animals from different parts of the country and even a few I think from all over the world.”

It exploded to the point that the producers of “The Drew Barrymore” became aware of it. Allore-Taylor initially thought it was a prank, but after contacting her again, she realized it wasn’t a joke.

“They kindly gave me a $ 5,000 gift card from Joann Fabrics so that I could help myself get all kinds of supplies and it was a great blessing,” said Allore-Taylor.

Danielle has restored around 100 cuddly toys since starting business in December. She works out of her basement with the help of her family.

Their 10-year-old daughter Lyla Brodock says she helps out and is sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of stuffed animals they get.

“When my mom started doing this, I always thought, ‘What if these types of beatings?’ but surprisingly not, ”said Brodock.

And she set her eyes on a certain stuffed animal.

One person contacted Danielle to make a replica of the customer’s deceased pet fish. The person has not yet responded to Danielle even though she has been trying to contact her for months. Bodock wants it.

Joe Gebhardt, WSYM, 2021

“You can just spray it black and make it my black fish,” Brodock said to her mother. “I had a black beta fish that unfortunately passed away. Just spray it on black, give it to me and I can hug it. “

But she won’t be hugged by a soft toy: a clown that Danielle restored.

“I had nightmares for three days,” said Brodock.

Danielle doesn’t just do this for a paycheck.


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“It has always been close to my heart to give back to people,” said Allore-Taylor. “Because people have said to me, ‘Oh, you’re not charging enough,’ and I think that’s not the point. For me it’s about giving something back. There are memories associated with these stuffed animals, blankets, dolls, whatever it is, and these people want to keep that memory. That’s why I do it. That’s because I know I want someone to do this for me if they have the talent. “

Dominque Linden knows firsthand what kind of person Danielle is. She has a stuffed bear named Christina who has been with her since she was two.

“She has been with me for most of my life. Well, for my adult life it stayed in my closet because it got dirtier and messier. It’s obviously white, ”Linden said. “I didn’t know that then, but a lot of the trauma I went through as a kid somehow correlated with her. When Danielle posted that she would do this, it just occurred to me that I could probably really benefit from this, and so would my teddy bear. “

Linden met Allore-Taylor about a year and a half ago through mutual friends. They connected through movies. Allore-Taylor stopped her from throwing Christina away.

Dominique with her teddy bear

Joe Gebhardt, WSYM, 2021

“I knew it wasn’t just about fixing and fixing fabrics,” said Allore-Taylor. “It was also about healing hearts. Giving her this stuffed animal back was a great moment for me. “

Allore-Taylor started a trauma relief fund for people who had been through a traumatic event because of Dominique.

“If there are people who have a stuffed animal that has been through a traumatic event or cannot afford it, then I come in and use donations that were given to me to do this restoration for them at no cost and it makes me happy that I can be a part of this healing, “said Allore-Taylor.

“It was emotional,” said Linden. “We talked about how it was symbolic of what I had been through. In my past I have worked really hard to heal from the trauma and get a bath and new filling for her…. She used to have a really, really ragged bow, so she replaced the bow. It was pretty cool to see her transform after years of getting filthy and dirty.

If you are interested in having your cuddly toy restored, you can visit it here. There is a form that you can fill out.

Allore-Taylor says to be patient as she has “thousands” of requests in her email.

If you want to donate to your Trauma Restoration Fund, you have a Paypal for it.

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