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DUNCANSVILLE, BLAIR COUNTY, PA (WTAJ) – A Blair County man becomes a social media sensation after starting a TikTok channel that is completely one of a kind. He’s the only one who makes videos entirely devoted to pickles.

“There’s nothing else,” said Ryan Lucas, who calls himself the pickled. “It’s just all about cucumbers.”

It all started as a friendship competition with his eldest daughter.

“So all of my daughters were out dancing TikTok and I made fun of them,” Ryan explained. “I said, ‘You know what I think, I’m going to create a TikTok channel and I’m going to get more followers than you.'”

Ryan has been checking all things in since September. Nothing is forbidden.

“I pickled chicken feet,” said Ryan. “You actually still had your toenails on. They were pickled in pepper. Some of them were pretty gross, but we have to try them out. As long as it’s in place, I’ll do it at least once. “

The canal has become a family activity. Ryan’s youngest daughter, who passes the pickled girl, joins her father in many reviews.

“We love cucumbers,” said Mia Lucas. “I wanted to take part. We try to make every pickled item. “

More than 60,000 followers later and the pickled man and girl have too much to stop. They have had fans sent gifts and companies around the world have asked them to review their items.

“I had no idea how many pickle companies there actually were,” said Ryan. “There are hundreds out there. So I don’t see this anytime soon because there is so much more out there. “

The aim is to further expand the channel. Ryan said he hoped to reach 1 million followers one day.

You can also follow him on Facebook if you don’t have a TikTok account.

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