Hogging that means defined as Fraternity ritual leaves TikTok in shock

Recently, a TikToker named Megan Maepes went viral for a video explaining the importance of hogging, a competition popular with many college students in the United States.

TikTok, published on October 4th, now has over 1 million views and is a hot topic on the platform.

The viral video sparked a discussion among internet users about frightening and predatory connection practices that must be stopped.

What does hogging mean?

The importance of hogging will shock many internet users.

The term already exists in the urban dictionary and is defined as “A competition, usually between a group of men, to go to a bar / frat / house party. Participants leave with the direct intention of meeting the baddest girl in the party. The guy who catches the fattest girl wins. “

As disturbing as this sounds, hogging is common among many college fraternities. Speaking to Buzzfeed about the horrific practice, Megan, a fashion and plus size body positivity activist, said, “Hogging is a practice for achieving masculinity.”

The influencer went on to say, “One of the ways men can do that in their eyes is to sleep with as many people as possible. They see fat women as easy targets. “

In practice, these college students usually hunt down women they think are “fat” or “unattractive”.

Referring to a paper published by researchers Ariane Prohaska and Jeannine A. Gailey, Megan says in her TikTok, “Sometimes when the sex with her is done, they (men) will storm the entire group of men into the room, and they will start molesting and molesting the woman until she leaves this room. “

Many TikTok users were disturbed when they learned the meaning of hogging.

TikTok users respond to the terrible practice

Many took up Megan’s TikTok comments and shared that, unfortunately, they had experienced similar situations.

Unaware of the ritual, others lacked words after learning about it.

The case of Cornell’s “Zeta Beta Tau” fraternity investigated

In 2018 news surfaced that a Cornell brotherhood was suspended after its members held a competition called “Roast Pork”. Men reportedly competed to sleep with women they considered “overweight”.

The university opened an investigation into Zeta Beta Tau after several complaints were filed against it. The behavior of this fraternity has been described as flogging, with the aim of humiliating women who are considered undesirable.

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity was given probation for two years, during which they had to attend an education about sexual violence.

Hometown showdown | Official trailer | YouTube originals



Hometown showdown | Official trailer | YouTube originals






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