Highschool has minor incidents associated to TikTok problem – The Morgan Messenger

by Kate Evans

Berkeley Springs High School has seen a number of incidents that may be related to a TikTok challenge for students stealing or damaging school property or school toilets to get attention on social media.

Morgan County Schools Prevention Resource Officer Corporal Kevin Barney said a soap dispenser and folder in Berkeley Springs High School Building A and Building B disappeared within 24 hours of the TikTok post last week.

There were also a couple of overcrowded toilets that don’t usually happen, but Barney isn’t sure if they’re related to the social media trend.

Since the TikTok Bathroom Challenge and Devious Lick Challenge began last week, schools across the country have been shrinking with vandalism and theft such as soap dispensers and mirrors from walls, deliberately clogged toilets, damaged sinks, tearing signs from walls and stealing Objects busy.

Students created videos of their work and posted them with the appropriate hashtag. TikTok said it was removing the videos from its website, but more and more videos are popping up.

Corporal Barney said other schools and prevention officers in other school districts have shared stories of child theft and vandalism.

Barney said that if children steal, they will be prosecuted. The boy who took the high school stapler admitted and will not be charged for calling in, he noted.

Barney said they are here to promote education and transform children, not punish them. You want to help students learn from their mistakes.

“Children at this age know that they must not steal or damage property,” he said.

Barney acknowledged that it is a national trend that is driving these incidents. It’s been a struggle since the start of the school year and it’s a new world. Children see adults do things with no impact. Now they think they can do anything they want with no repercussions.

“It’s a world that adults made,” said Barney.

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