“He was the best human” – TikTok star shares particulars of partying in Ibiza with Daniel Ricciardo

“He was the coolest person” – TikTok user Sara Ayter didn’t know who Daniel Ricciardo was, but is clearly a huge fan of his now.

Sara Ayter got an opportunity that most Formula 1 fans would kill for. She celebrated with Daniel Ricciardo in Ibiza without knowing who he was then!

god why can’t i meet daniel ricciardo in ibiza and not see who he was pic.twitter.com/bjG9d5iBSW

– Brigitte (@anabelsbrother), May 15, 2021

She revealed all of this and much more recently on TikTok, and we have all the details for you. Ayter is sure to be a huge fan of the Australian superstar by now.

“We were taking pictures in Beso Beach and three men came up to us and said they would be returning to Ibiza on their private boat and asked us if we wanted to join.

“On the way to the private boat, me and my friends were scared because there were nine men and we were three girls and we were disconnected in the middle of the sea. But they were so nice, they danced all the time, they let us play music, they gave us drinks. “

“We had tickets to Steve Aoki that evening – but we didn’t care because we had better plans. So we went to her house, we thought it was going to a big party or something, with a lot of girls, but we were the only ones there, it was the best house I’ve ever been to.

“We had drinks, we played games, we stayed over there. The day after I swam in the pool and Daniel was the only one awake. I was cold and he asked me if I wanted his shirt so I swam with his shirt on. “

“He made sure we were fine all along. They were all so, so nice. He was the coolest person. Daniel danced the whole time, joked and smiled. We have a big heart.

“Now we finally know who he is. He’s Daniel Ricciardo, but above all he’s an amazing person. “

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