Hassle In Paradise? TikTok Star Bryce Corridor Allegedly Caught Dishonest on Addison Rae – Celeb Secrets and techniques

A TikTok from Bryce Hallwho is in an in and out relationship with Addison Rae, hang out with Loren Gray At Wahlburgers in West Hollywood, you walk around the platform and people speculate if Bryce is cheating on Addison with Loren.

In the video, you see Bryce and Loren sitting outside and Bryce reaches across the table to tuck Loren’s hair behind her ear. The two seem very excited and are all smiling, but many in the comments point out how staged the video looks and make them think it’s some prank Bryce is playing. Others worry about Addison.

@cowbellasOh nononono… #cheatersgetcaught #cheaters #fyp @brycehall @addisonre @ lorengray ♬ Oh no – Kreepa

The reason people think Bryce is playing a prank on Addison is because he previously played a prank on his viewers by saying he cheated on Addison and it looks like Addison had Bryce during a photoshoot played a prank so this would be Bryce’s payback.

Bryce and Addison first caught everyone’s attention when they worked together on a TikTok in 2019, and many people were quick to point out the duo’s chemistry. It wasn’t until 2020 that the couple actually started dating and confirmed their relationship.

Lots of fans don’t think Bryce was cheating on Addison, especially because he was going to make it so public, but what do you think? Is this all a prank or is Bryce really cheating? Leave a reaction below and tweet us your thoughts @celebsecrets!

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