Grenfell play divides survivors and social media

A play based on the Grenfell Tower investigation has split views that it was produced while the investigation into the 2017 tragedy is ongoing.

The theater production Grenfell: Value Engineering – Scenes From The Inquiry examines the decisions that preceded the fire as well as scenes from the investigation under the direction of retired judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

The piece received a backlash online after an announcement of its cast last week, with some social media users calling the piece “disgusting” and “shameful” for opening it while the actual investigation was still ongoing.

Author and activist Gina Martin wrote on Twitter: “If all the money doesn’t go to the affected families and individuals who still don’t have justice, I don’t want a theater production with a terrible tragedy to make money that is only FOUR years ago happened.”

Sir Martin Moore-Bick leads the ongoing public investigation into the 2017 fire

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Candace Carty-Williams, author of the acclaimed book Queenie, added, “So four years later, instead of any form of justice for the victims, we have a play that puts white at the center of this ongoing tragedy? Who asked for that? Who is the target group? “

Another user added: “We need to speak out about that right now. How the hell ???? RT this and let’s STOP THIS! Respect the victims! “

Ron Cook, who appeared on the Netflix series The Witcher, will play lead attorney for the Grenfell investigation, Richard Millet QC.

On the flip side, residents of North Kensington parish in Grenfell welcomed the play to help the public understand how the investigation into the fire affected the community.

Justice4Grenfell activist Moyra Samuels plans to attend the play when it opens in October.

“It’s really good if you want some insight into the impact of the investigation on the bereaved and the community,” Samuels told The Independent.

The activist, who also works with the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service, added, “I thought it would be a useful way to start a discussion on the issues that are very obvious to some of us in order to make key decisions about Grenfell. ”- it was about value engineering.

“If you want to support the bereaved and the community, it is important to know the triggering things from the investigation.”

Production, slated to open on October 13th, is said to be based entirely on the words of the investigation. The tabernacle, not far from Grenfell Tower, is said to be one of two locations, along with the Birmingham Rep Theater, where the play will be shown.

The play is produced by Nick of Time Productions and edited and directed by Richard Norton-Taylor and Nicolas Kent respectively. The couple worked together on The Color of Justice – The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry in 1999.

Norton-Taylor said, “What emerged from the investigation is an extraordinary catalog of greed, fraud, deceit and lies, secret fire testing of their products, subtle layers of corruption and racism, fatal cost reductions, casual indifference and practices that a young company boss described it as “completely unethical” and some even joked about it.

“The evidence in the Grenfell Inquiry reflects much of the problems that are deeply ingrained in British society today. I believe that presenting to a theater audience leads to a broader understanding of the story behind a fire, the effects of which will be felt for many years to come. “

A spokesman for Nick at Time Productions said, “The Grenfell Inquiry is one of the most important public inquiries in the past two decades. It is a powerful example of the investigative scope of the law and its ability to hold people accountable. It is of great importance to the survivors of the tragedy and their families.

“The tragedy also still trapped an estimated 700,000 people in dangerous homes, exposing dangerous construction problems dating back many years that are now preventing three million others from selling their homes. The research’s work has a tremendous impact on current policy and better future regulation for the millions of people living in social or private housing in the UK.

“The investigation has been going on for four years. This revised verbatim representation of the investigation is intended to provide the public with a clearer view and access to the evidence. “

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