Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Destroys Him With TikTok Prank

In a year we’re all stuck at home, many have turned to TikTok for a distraction. Who of us didn’t initially make fun of the Vine counterfeit just to download the video app and waste hours scrolling through the For You page? If you’ve spent any time with the app, you’ve likely seen Tilly Ramsay’s videos, which feature her father, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, frequently. Tilly has 6.8 million followers on TikTok, and her latest video is proof of why.

In the funny video, Tilly pranks her father with the “disappearing egg” trick. Tilly appears to be shoving an egg into a water bottle without breaking it, and when Ramsay looks into the bottle to examine it, she splashes the water on his face and smashes the egg on his head. When the incredulous Ramsay breaks the prank, Tilly pauses for it. She posted the video titled “I’m still running far away …” and Ramsay posted it again on his Instagram saying, “Somebody was doing the dishes in the Ramsay household last night …”

While Tilly may be the TikTok star, the world famous chef has also wowed fans with his own TikTok exploits. Ramsay delights its 21.9 million followers by sharing recipes and messing with vegans, but mostly by roasting people’s cuisine. Hobby and professional chefs tag the Hell’s Kitchen star in their videos, and then Ramsay duets them and offers his review. For example, private chef Sonny Hurrell shared a video in which he cooked braised ribs with mashed potatoes and carrots. Ramsay replied and said, “So far so good, big boy.” Until he added fresh carrots instead of serving the ones he’d cooked with.

“What the hell? Why are you playing Connect Four with those carrots? Where are the original carrots that cooked for two and a half hours?” Ramsay called. “The carrots were the taste, you donut! Show me the carrots!” Hurrell shared his delight in Ramsay’s response with the Washington Post. “He’d never serve those carrots in a million years. They were porridge and the flavor had already been extracted,” Hurrell said.

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