Good-looking Melbourne instructor Dylan Harris turns into TikTok star

A handsome Melbourne elementary school teacher has become a social media sensation, stealing hearts from all over the world.

Dylan Harris, 28, has more than 195,000 followers on his TikTok page where he posts a series of videos featuring his dreamy eyes, cute smile and gentle dance moves.

Even more impressive, however, is his positive attitude, with Mr. Harris regularly sharing inspirational quotes and advice on how to deal with the ups and downs of school life challenges such as anxiety and depression.

Mr. Harris, who teaches fifth grade at a school in Pakenham, films in a variety of locations including the classroom, the supermarket, the gym and his home. In his most popular video to date, which garnered more than 628,000 views, he says he’s looking for more TikTok teacher friends, with a huge grin on his face and the blackboard visible behind him.

One woman commented on the video: “I think I have to move to Australia and back to 5th grade”.

Another wrote: “If you had been my teacher in school, I would never have been sick.”

Other comments were “Come on, marry me, I’m studying to be a teacher” and “Can you teach me how to go to your heart?”

Mr. Harris, who is married, also works as a mental health attorney for schools and various companies. Many of his videos show how he encourages people to talk about their problems and offers advice on how to deal with difficult times.

“I want to help people,” wrote Harris on his Instagram account. “I want to change the world so that children can live freely without resorting to self-harm or suicide. I want to break the mental health stigma. “

Some of the positive news he posted online are, “Never let other people’s opinions define you,” “It’ll be fine,” and “Don’t give up”.

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