Girl sexualised for ‘distracting’ work uniform!

A TikTok user called @ rockefeller.o went viral after a woman told her that her uniform was too “distracting” for her husband.

It’s 2021 and women’s bodies are still being mistakenly sexualized.

Just because we’re wearing skinny jeans doesn’t mean we’re asking for male attention, okay?

One woman went viral on TikTok after explaining how she was sexualized in her work uniform, and that’s how everyone reacts.

Video from @ rockefeller.o on TikTok

Woman said her uniform was a “distraction”

@ rockefeller.o, a TikTok user with over 100,000 followers, went viral with her latest video.

In the clip, she showed her work uniform, a loose gray polo shirt, gray skinny jeans and a matching gray cap.

Then she explained that while a woman was at work this week, she told her that her uniform was a “distraction” for her husband. Sorry what?

Yes, one woman really told her that her plain gray uniform, which wasn’t revealing at all, distracted her husband.

“I had a lady today who complained that my uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband,” she said before turning and flaunting her bum.

“I guess I’ll leave my a ** at home next time?” She joked and wrote in the caption, “Girls, fuck you.”

TikTok responds to the video

The video went viral on the app and received a huge 14.7 million views, and people endorsed @ rockefeller.o in the comments.

One person wrote, “Really? Our body is not a distraction. “

“She should leave her husband at home,” said another.

A third person added, “People cannot get angry at women’s bodies. Either you have really good genetics that you’re blessed with, or you’re doing something in the gym that I don’t! “

It’s the 21st century, let’s stop sexualizing women for wearing tight clothes!

Comments on a video posted on TikTok by @ rockefeller.o

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