Get REAL Followers on Instagram for Enterprise (10 Development Hacks)


Can you choose more than 2 hashtags?

Yes. I recommend starting a or two if you are new to this Instagram strategy world. I don’t want you to burn out. It is always best to start slowly. But if you feel particularly motivated and excited, move on. If at any point you need to slow down, focus on just 1 or 2 hashtags again.

Which hashtags should I look for?

Hashtags that your ideal customers use. For example, if your ideal customers are mothers. Use hashtags associated with “mom” to connect with them.

Where can I find the right hashtags?

Check out one of your followers hashtags on their post. Or, use Preview’s hashtag finder to find unique community hashtags that people are using. Remember, the research was done for you.

Why 5 minutes?

Again, the consistency is better. 5 minutes can be more than enough when you start out. This is how you get into a routine without getting burned out. If you want to do more than 5 minutes, go ahead. If at any point you need to slow down, go back to 5 minutes.

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