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Would you like a better interaction with your followers on Instagram ™? The truth is, there are no shortcuts to authentic relationships on Instagram ™. Real engagement is key to converting your Instagram ™ followers into buyers.

In this blog post, I’m sharing six tactics that will help you get better engagement on Instagram ™ faster. Trust me, these are easy to implement even if you’re new to Instagram ™.

In this blog post:

Use Instagram ™ comment threads

First, let’s talk about how Instagram ™ comment threads can increase engagement with your Instagram ™ followers. Companies often spend a lot of time creating beautiful Instagram ™ content. But they hardly spend any time interact with their followers. This is a big missed opportunity.

Instagram ™ comment threads are a unique opportunity to build stronger relationships with your Instagram ™ followers. When you @mention someone to reply to their comment or to include someone in the conversation, you are reminding them that there is a real person behind your account.

It doesn’t even have to be your Instagram ™ content. If you see content that you know someone would like, go ahead and @mention it. Let them know why you thought of them because of the content.

Not only does it show that you are thoughtful, but you create an additional connection. This commitment is a great asset to them Instagram ™ algorithm.

Comment on the posts of your ideal followers

Next, you have to comment on the posts of your ideal followers. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your engagement, you should spend time looking at 10-20 ideal Instagram ™ accounts each day. I’m not talking about leaving a random emoji or one word comment.

You should always try to leave thoughtful comments. That means leaving something deeper than “great contribution”. Instead, ask a question and show genuine interest that can lead to a bigger conversation.

Pro tip: turn on notifications for your ideal customers

If you enable notifications for your followers, you will receive a notification when they share a post, Instagram ™ story, IGTV or go live. To set up notifications, go to their profile and tap the bell in the top right corner. Then you can tap on Posts, Instagram ™ Stories, IGTV and Live Videos. You will now receive a push notification to your account.

Direct message to reply when someone views your Instagram ™ story

Now let’s talk about using Instagram ™ direct messenger. One strategic way to use Instagram ™ Direct Messenger is to reply to your followers’ Instagram ™ Stories. Instagram ™ makes it super easy to reply instantly.

While I don’t recommend using emojis to reply to Instagram ™ posts in the comment thread, they can work very well for Instagram ™ story replies. But really a combination of emojis and thoughtful comments is the best approach.

For example, if someone shares a video of their dog, you probably don’t need to leave a long reply. Instead, a heart-eyed emoji is likely enough. But when they share something like a vulnerable story or a behind-the-scenes look at their life or business, thoughtful responses will spark a deeper conversation.

Send your Instagram ™ posts to people you know want and need what you share

Next, send your ™ posts to people you know are what you want and need to share. While it would be great if people saw every post you share, they see them Algorithm doesn’t work like that.

To make sure others don’t miss your content, share it through Instagram ™ Direct Messenger. At the bottom of your post, tap the airplane icon and send a message. Just explain why you are sharing the content.

Remember, you don’t want to bombard your followers every time you share a post. Be selective about what you share and make sure it adds value to your followers.

Tag a customer on your Instagram ™ feed

In conclusion, let’s talk about one of my favorite customer loyalty strategies. Nothing shows that you value your followers more than putting them in the spotlight.

I always say the light shines brightest on you when you shine the light on others. Not only does it show your willingness to venture outside of your Instagram ™ account, it also strengthens your relationship with current and potential followers.

Take a look at this testimonial, for example. Angela Wagner, my senior coaching client, shared a great carousel post highlighting her clients’ success. She also makes it more interesting by sharing a video on the first slide and a text testimonial on the following two slides.

Remember, when you share a testimonial, you want your followers to envision the success you are highlighting.

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