Gen Z Will get Profession Recommendation, One TikTok at a Time

Jackie Cuevas has read many lackluster emails from job seekers. A particularly uninspired post last May prompted the 30-year-old HR manager to switch to TikTok.

In a 55-second video posted on her account, she explained why the phrase, “Hello, I was wondering if you were looking for a job” is not the way to get a prospect’s attention. Her video has been viewed 11,000 times – much at the time for Ms. Cuevas, whose previous posts mostly featured her cat or lip-synching talents.

She now publishes career advice several times a week as “Jackie, your friend in HR” and answers questions from almost 150,000 followers on all topics, from tips for telephone interviews to creating a résumé using an applicant tracking system. In her videos, she often speaks into a tiny rose gold microphone that has become her trademark.

“Of course there is a career center and consultant, but when you get closer to the real world they say,” I have no idea what I want or need to do, “Ms. Cuevas says of her mostly 20-year-old, somewhat TikTok audience.

For the casual observer, TikTok is an app known for animal videos, choreographed dances, or those weeks of January when everyone inexplicably performed sea shanties. Click on #HRTikTok, #careeradvice or even #recruitersbelike and a universe of career advice – from “How to give up like a pro” to “3 things you never want to say in an interview” to “Stop it” to say I’m sorry. ” Workplace !! ”- waiting.

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