Gen Z TikTok customers clarify why they’re abstaining from intercourse

Generation Z has declared TikTok a no-sex zone.

Users on the platform came together to create #CelibacyTikTok – a place where young people decided to practice abstinence.

The purists have taken to TikTok to detail the benefits celibacy has brought them.

And shockingly, their reasons often have nothing to do with religion.

One influencer who goes by the name Billie Emali often posts tips on staying celibate.

In one video, she explained that she has “a tendency to pick garbage men” and “salutes any women who have fun and get it.”

In another, she answered the hypothetical question: “But don’t you get lonely if you remain celibate? How do you do it for so long?” She jokingly replied in her caption: “Nah, because these men just make it easier and easier 😭 #Celibacy#selflove #selflovejourney.”

A user named Tera Chantelle notes in one of her clips that celibacy is the safest path because you won’t experience “STDs, pregnancy anxiety, stress or drama.”

Chantelle added in another clip how abstinence leads to healthier platonic friendships. She also practices the idea of ​​being in a “relationship with oneself” and cultivating self-love.

Wellness influencer Jordan Jeppe has built her following by remaining celibate and revealed why she chose abstinence.

In a video, she said she just ended a three-month relationship in which she “completely gave up [her] Needs and wishes”.

“I realized I was always trying to fix my partners, but the only person I could really fix was myself,” she continued.

Young people today have been shown to have fewer sexual relationships than previous generations. One study found that in 2017, only 24% of young adults ages 18 to 23 reported having casual sex. This statistic compares to 38% in 2007.

Nina Burns, a former America’s Next Top Model contestant, previously spoke to The Post about a “sex fast.”

User Billie Emali jokes that men make it “easier” to remain celibate. billieemali / TiKTok

“It was a really bad relationship,” said the New York model. Burns wanted to take some time to focus on herself and her needs without having her head “clouded” by sex.

“Being celibate is a more mature way to find someone who appreciates other things in life,” she added. “That was exactly what I needed.”

The reality TV personality concluded, “People are choosing to get sober for their physical health. But being celibate is for your sanity.”

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