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Instagram ™ Update Alert: Plan your Instagram ™ content in the app now! It’s easy to spend a handful of dollars each month on apps that will help you manage your Instagram ™ content. But as an entrepreneur, every dollar counts. Keep reading this blog post to learn my beginner hack to schedule your Instagram ™ content.

In this blog post:

Beginners Hack to Planning Your Instagram ™ Content: Why You Should Use Draft Posts on Instagram ™

When you’re new to Instagram ™, planning all of your content can seem overwhelming. Whether it Create a cohesive look for your Instagram ™ feed or share compelling Instagram ™ stories, it can seem like a lot of content to juggle.

That’s why it’s so easy to spend a handful of dollars each month on different apps to help you edit, plan, and schedule your Instagram ™ content. But maybe you’re not ready to commit to an app just yet. Or maybe you want to save money to invest in other areas of your business.

Lots of people don’t realize that Instagram ™ drafts are an easy and free way to curate your content. Let’s see how this beginner hack can help you plan your Instagram ™ content.

Beginner’s Hack to Planning Your Instagram ™ Content: How to Create a Draft Instagram ™ Post

First, tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner of your Instagram ™ home page or profile. Then select the content that you want to upload.

Keep in mind:

Now make sure that all parts of your posts are prepared, including the caption, hashtags, geotags, and other accounts (if applicable).

Finally, tap Draft so you can save your content without posting it.

How to delete a draft Instagram ™ post

Inevitably there will be Instagram ™ drafts that you will want to delete. This is how it works in a few simple steps.

First tap Manage, then tap Edit. Now select the drafts that you want to delete.

It’s worth noting that drafts cannot be saved on different devices. For example, if Morgan, my CEO, is making a draft, it will not be accessible on my phone. Even if we are both logged into my Instagram ™ Expert account.

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