Folks On TikTok Are Making Ice Cream Sandwiches With A Distinction And We Are So Into It

Baby, it’s cold outside … but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of sinking our (sensitive) teeth into an ice cream sandwich … or six.

Whatever the weather, you can always count on us to get stuck in ice cream sandwiches at Delish UK. So whenever we discover a way to upgrade traditional biscuit ice cream sandwiches, you can be damn sure we’ll give it a try.

And we have TikTok to thank for this ice cream sandwich upgrade. That’s right – here’s another TikTok hack that you can get obsessed with.

This particular TikTok hack swaps your traditional cookies for muffins. Let’s explain …

You can see her grab a blueberry muffin and cut it in half in a video that @lilyghodrati shared on TikTok. Then she takes the two halves and places them in her George Foreman Grill. When she opens the lid, her once fluffy blueberry muffin halves are now deliciously crispy and flat – perfect for a piece of vanilla ice cream, right? Yup – then she cuts through a tub of ice cream (just like that other TikTok ice cream hack) and gets the perfect ice cream sandwich-sized slice of ice to put between the two blueberry muffin cookies. Et voila!

Just think how delicious that warm, toasted muffin would be with the creamy vanilla ice cream.

And the flavor combinations are endless. A lemon and poppy seed muffin and raspberry sorbet would be outrageous. And don’t get me started with a triple chocolate muffin and mint choc chip ice cream …

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