Folks increase greater than $35,000 for homeless ‘Byron’ TikTok star

A community of TikTok users have teamed up to raise funds for a homeless person who went viral on the app for his quotable interview responses.

Last year, a TikTok account with the username @SidetalkNYC uploaded videos to the app showing their short interviews on the streets with New York City residents.

A man featured in a series of videos recorded in Coney Island and shared on social media first went viral when he mistakenly referred to President Joe Biden as Joe “Byron” while others in Coney Island those interviewed with notable catchphrases responded such as “bing bong,” an imitation of the sound of New York subway stations.

In a later video, the man, whom many in the app referred to as Bryon, was asked by Sidetalk what he was going to say to Joe Byron “now,” to which he replied, “What’s up, baby? Take me out to dinner. “

The clips, which were also shared on Instagram and YouTube, went viral on TikTok, where users have since created their own viral videos with “sounds” containing the quotes “bing bong” and “Joe Byron”.

According to KnowYourMeme, the typical format of the sound contains excerpts of several popular phrases that were put together in the sidetalk videos and is: “F *** ya life! Bing bong! When you see these dogs in your front yard just know I am tough upstairs. Bing bong. What do you want to tell Joe Byron now? What’s up baby Take me out to eat. Yes, yo! “

As the sounds grew in popularity over the past few months, users started asking questions about the people behind the quotes, whose real name is TJ.

In a video uploaded to TikTok this week, McCreary spoke to TJ after allegedly being released from rehab. In the clip, McCreary noted that “TJ has something to say for you guys on TikTok,” and TJ then tearfully added, “Hello, why am I homeless?”

The clip ended with McCreary encouraging her followers to “help TJ” before declaring that she was doing a GoFundMe for the New Yorker.

In the comments below the video, which has been viewed more than 9.9 million times, viewers expressed their shock and outrage that one of their beloved TikTok “creators” made no money from the widespread use of its sounds.

“He should get the money for all the views he gets from these videos,” commented one person while another said, “Why isn’t he getting paid !?”

Another added, “It breaks my heart. We have to help TJ. “

Following the supportive response, McCreary created a GoFundMe for TJ this week in which she wrote, “TJ is a homeless man trying to get his life out on the streets. This will help him get in and find a warm place to sleep and eat. He’s sober, he just needs a little push. “

By Friday, the crowdfunding drive for TJ, launched with a goal of $ 5,000, had raised more than $ 35,000.

In a video released earlier this week, McCreary revealed that she showed TJ the GoFundMe, with the TikTok star telling fans, “Hey guys, thank you very much. I love you.

“But remember, you make a difference.”

Another video shared by McCreary showed TJ reiterating his gratitude for everyone who helped him by telling the camera, “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

The Independent approached McCreary and Sidetalk for comment.

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