Find out how to Use Location Geotags on Instagram (Get Extra Followers from Your Posts and Tales)

Do you know how to use location geotags in your posts and Instagram ™ stories to reach more people? It helps you get more discovered as you search. This is a great way to keep a better eye on your posts and Instagram ™ stories!

In this blog post, I’ll share how to add location geotags to your posts and Instagram ™ stories. Plus why they’re an important part of your Instagram ™ strategy.

In this blog post:

What is an Instagram ™ Location Geotag?

An Instagram ™ location geotag is collected the physical location of your mobile devices. For example, you will see a lot of my content tagged with different spots in Boston.

From downtown Boston to the Boston Commons, I always want my content to appear where potential customers surf.

Why should you use location geotags?

If you want to appear in a hub, you need to mark your location in your content. This ensures that you show up in a different Instagram ™ neighborhood. It also increases your organic searchability.

In addition, content tagged with a location is engaged 79% more on average.

Location geotags in Instagram ™ posts against Instagram ™ stories

Whether you’re adding an Instagram ™ post or a story, adding a location takes just a few steps. To add your location to your Instagram Story, tap “Add Location” above your featured image.

Instagram ™ then suggests a list of locations based on your current location. You can also enter a location if you don’t see the physical location you’re looking for.

It’s also easy to add your location to your Instagram ™ stories. The location geotag sticker can be found in the Stories stickers. I recommend adding a location geotag all your Instagram Stories clips.

You can even hide the sticker under text so it doesn’t distract from your Instagram ™ story.

Ninja Tip: Add geotagging locations even when you are not there.

If your ideal customers don’t live near you, tag your content with your preferred location. For example, I tagged this Instagram post with Encinitas, California. Although I haven’t tagged it at the moment, I was able to add the location after returning to Boston.

Sue B Zimmerman is holding her iPhone and pointing to her Instagram post tagged Encinitas, California.

Sue B. says: Think about your local audience.

For example, I live in Boston. It’s a big city, but I actually live in downtown Boston. This is another location hub my prospects may be. I always want to add different spots to my Instagram ™ content so that I can appear in as many location hubs as possible.

Last tip

Think of your Instagram ™ location geotag like one Hashtag strategy. Think about where your ideal customers are from. This is where you want your Instagram ™ content to be displayed.

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