Find out how to Get Extra Instagram Story Views (The Break Technique)


Of course, there are cases when it’s completely fine to post a lot of stories when you come back.

For example, you might have had a personal situation happening and you feel like you really want to share it with your followers.

You will still get views, because people care.

They want to know what happened and they want to support you.

For example, you could say you took a break because you wanted to re-evaluate what to post in your stories, you wanted to feel inspired again. And you can share how good to feel now and how excited you are for the next stories. This will get your followers excited to come back tomorrow to watch more.

Let’s say you took a break because you burnt out. You have no idea how many people will relate to you. Being open about it will actually make people feel good and be happy that they are not alone.

Or maybe you want to share how it felt taking a break from your stories and how refreshed you feel. This will also inspire others to do the same, if they feel like they need a break.

Your story can inspire people. They can bring them closer to you. So if you feel like you want to post longer stories go ahead. Just know that in the future, if your views drop, you can always come back to this tip: post 5 – 10 stories max.

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