Fb Open Supply introduces the MLH Fellowship Class of Spring 2021

Facebook Open Source continues to partner with GitHub and Major League Hacking (MLH) in 2021 as part of the MLH Fellowship program: a 12-week remote scholarship designed to host, mentor, and support developers who hack open source projects.

For Facebook, investing in open source is a way to empower developers as well as wider communities of individuals and businesses. To this end, we are excited to support the MLH Fellowship global program, which will help us invest in the next generation of open source developers.

The MLH Fellows working on Facebook Open Source Technologies evolve along with key contributors and develop real solutions within the projects. The Fellows work closely with Facebook engineers to influence the technologies on which Facebook is based.

We are happy to introduce you to the 11 MLH Fellows we are working with this year!

Docusaurus contributors

A tool for managing open source documentation websites.

Lisa Chandra

Indira Ghandi Delhi Technical University for Women – Computer Science

“I believe this is one of the greatest ways to learn and grow in this area.”

Steven Hansel

Universitas Bina Nusantara – computer technology

“I want to learn how to contribute to the open source community by creating impactful projects.”

Samuel Adjei

University of Ghana – Computer Science & Software Engineering

“For me, I always wanted to be part of something that is bigger than me.[In] The technical side was mostly about contributing to open source and helping others get into coding by making it easier. ”

Pysa contributors

Python Static Analysis for Security

Sarthak Khattar

Delhi Technological University – Bachelor of Technology

“The world of open source has always fascinated me, because I really enjoy working on large cooperation projects …”

Saydolimkhon A.

Vanderbilt University – Mathematics and Computer Science

“I look forward to programming a couple, brainstorming, and having fun with passionate students in my Fellowship pod.”

Grace Gao

University of Waterloo – Software Engineering

“The MLH scholarship opened up a lot of new opportunities for growth and I’m really grateful to be part of a community that keeps inspiring me to improve.”

VISSL contributors

A state-of-the-art library for self-supervised learning

Aanand kainth

UC Santa Cruz – Computer Science

“I want to be able to apply my skills to new areas and learn about writing coupled business logic.”

Grace Omotoso

University of Lagos – Master of Information Technology

“I study for a lifetime and … think this scholarship will help me realize my dream of getting back into the software industry.”

WebXR contributors

A JavaScript API that allows applications to interact with virtual reality devices in a web browser.

Zhixiang Teoh

University of Michigan – Computer Science

“For the fellowship, I’m programming something fun, new, and different that I know is for the open source community.”

Soham Parekh

Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering – Computer Technology

“I’ve found that the best way to get better at software development is not just to practice it, but to use it to solve real-world problems.”

CrypTen contributors

A secure tensor calculation library for privacy conscious machine learning.

Scott Sunarto

Diablo Valley College – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

“I would like to share the joy of blockchain development and show how cool the technology can be!”

We look forward to seeing the contributions from our fellows this spring.

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