Fb Open Supply Group Highlight Wrap-Up

This article was written in collaboration with Cami Williams, an open source developer advocate on Facebook.

We wanted to take the time to thank the open source community members who have inspired and motivated us over the past year. In our Community Spotlight series on the Facebook Open Source Twitter page, we featured the following people for their successes in growing our open source ecosystem.

Austin Akers

Seattle, USA
Twitter: @ tweetmonster999
Website: https://austinakers.com/
GitHub: BboyAkers

Is Austin human or is he a dancer? We know Austin is definitely a dancer, but he’s also a software engineer, muay thai fighter, cellist, writer, and an open source writer who we believe is actually into the superhuman bucket. When he’s not working with React, he’s co-hosting FreeCodeCamp Dallas, inspiring developers to learn and innovate. His JavaScript Solar System project certainly inspires us. You can find more information about his work on his website.

Edidiong Asikpo

Lagos, Nigeria
Twitter: @Didicodes
Website: https://edidiongasikpo.com/
GitHub: Didicodes

Edidiong is a developer lawyer specializing in technical writing and website building. She is passionate about empowering women in tech and has played an important role in building communities like the Facebook Developer Circle Uyo. In fact, Facebook recognized Edidiong as one of the 40 icons of change for her work in building Nigeria’s technology ecosystem. She is literally an icon! Check out some of her articles on open source, including “Open Source Contributions: A Catalyst For Growth” and “The Technical Writer’s Guide to Contributing to Open Source Projects.”

Ceyda Cinarel

Seoul, South Korea
Twitter: @ceyda_cinarel
Blog: https://cceyda.github.io/blog/
GitHub: cceyda

Ceyda loves machine learning. She is learning languages ​​herself (English and Korean, in addition to her native Turkish), which is what her machine learning work tells about natural language processing, what she thinks about language learning, what informs … you have the idea. And their love for machine learning doesn’t stop with linguistics. We are obsessed with how Ceyda did her Masters Thesis on Neural Networks for Webtoons! She collected datasets of colorful Webtoon comics and trained machine learning models to colorize black and white images. If that’s not the coolest thesis ever, we don’t know what it is. Read her blog post on Model Deployment for PyTorch.

Ebenezer Don

Lagos, Nigeria
Twitter: @ebenezerDN
Youtube: Ebenezer Don
GitHub: ebenezerdon

We love the videos Ebenezer made on his YouTube channel on how to start coding and using open source! One of our favorites is his video “Learn Git and GitHub in 20 minutes”. Recently, Ebenezer released a new course on YouTube and Skillshare: “Learn Database Management by Building Instagram with JavaScript and IndexedDb”.

Manjula Dube

Berlin, Germany
Twitter: @manjula_dube
Website: https://www.manjuladube.dev/
GitHub: manjula91

Manjulia is a software developer with a passion for teaching and accessibility. In addition to being an open source contributor to ReactJS, she’s also a founding member of Mumbai Women Coders, an organization that promotes women in technology and offers opportunities in the tech world. Your commitment to your community inspires us. Oh, and did we mention that she’s casually a professional hip hop dancer who’s danced with famous Bollywood celebrities? Check out her online book, Building Accessible Websites 101, for best practices for creating inclusive websites.

Ekene Eze

Twitter: @kenny_io
Website: https://www.ekeneeze.com/
GitHub: kenny-io

Ekene is a leader in open source and developer representation. We’re inspired by his community-first approach to technology and especially love his talk, The State of Payments in Africa, which covers the shift in payment systems in the once-purely Kenyan economy. As a Developer Experience Engineer for Netlify, he has now come on stage at a Google Developer Group summit in Lagos to talk about creating customizable checkout experiences. If you’re interested in getting started with GraphQL, Ekene’s blog post GraphQL: The Good and the Bad is a must-have.

Samson Goddy

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Twitter: @Samson_Goddy
Website: https://samsongoddy.com/
GitHub: Saturday

Samson is one of those people in the open source community that you need to know about. He is co-founder of Open Source Community Africa, supervisor of Sugar Labs projects, board member of Open Source Collective and advisor to African governments on technology. We are inspired by his community-oriented tech approach and his commitment to the democratization of open source. The future is here, and Samson is determined to make sure it is evenly distributed.

Michael Liendo

Davenport, USA
Twitter: @mtliendo
Youtube: Michael Liendo
GitHub: monthly

Michael is an AWS Community Builder, React Developer, and Internet Explorer with a thing for tacos. Whoever you are, Michael has something for everyone. We’re obsessed with his custom React hook for writing the best dad jokes, as well as his Slack Clapback command to “ADD👏🏾SOME👏🏾SASS👏🏾TO👏🏾YOUR👏🏾SENTENCE! 👏🏾 “. * Go to check out his video, “AWS Amplify: Adding a RESTful Backend to ReactJS” and subscribe to his channel for more technical content.
*: Learn more about digital blackface and the embodiment of black personas here.

Annie Liew

Toronto Canada
Twitter: @anniebombanie_
Website: https://codepen.io/anniebombanie
GitHub: anniebombanie

Annie is the ultimate designer-developer hybrid and the owner of the most aesthetically pleasing personal website you have ever seen. We especially love her posts, in which she shares her experiences as a bootcamp graduate, designer and developer, and chases curiosity about the passion for code. You can read more about her experience with Medium and test her front-end magic with React and other open source libraries here!

Anna “Apero” McDougall

Leipzig – Germany
Twitter: @AnnaJMcDougall
Youtube: Anna McDougall: Developer
GitHub: AJMcDee

Anna used to direct operas and now she directs code. The former professional opera singer turned software engineer is passionate about developing software using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. In addition to her full-time employment at the Digital Careers Institute, she writes blogs with coding tutorials, motivational messages, and career advice. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about algo rhythms and scalability, Anna is your person!

Pauline P. Narva

Leeds, England
Twitter: @paulienuh
Youtube: PaulineNarvas
GitHub: Pawlean

Pauline is really a powerhouse. In addition to being an open source champion, she’s also host of Inspiring Figures, a series of conversations with the people you really should know. You may also know her from her incredible work ethic on the # 100DaysOfCloud challenge (AWS Solutions Architect Associates are lucky enough to have you!), Your motivational workout win, or as the person who took over the hashtag # a47da4 on Instagram . It’s a technical goal, it’s a fitness goal. Consider us a fan!

Olu Niyiawosusi

London, England
Twitter: @oluoluoxenfree
Website: https://olu.online/
GitHub: oluoluoxene-free

Olu is a web developer, ethical technologist, philomath, creator, advocate of accessibility, self-described nerd and maximalist, among others. You wrote an amazing blog post, Building the Woke Web: Accessibility, Inclusion, and Social Justice. The article highlights the importance of making the web an inclusive place, identifies barriers to accessibility and suggests some solutions. It’s a must-have for anyone creating the web, and it urges the open source community to make the web a better place for everyone. Get to know Olu and her work on their website and during your stay develop an appreciation for cats that smell like dogs in the gig economy.

Victor Ofoegbu

Twitter: @vick_OnRails
Website: https://victorofoegbu.com/
GitHub: vickOnRails

Victor is building the future of the web. While his commitment to React caught our eye first (see the React Native case studies), we were particularly inspired by how Victor embodied the spirit of invention. He’s so quick to learn skills, build projects, and share them with the world on his website. When he’s not spinning off new side projects or improving his web development skills, he’s spreading insights about his learning process, which is pretty meta.

Monica Powell

New York, USA
Twitter: @indigitalcolor
Website: https://www.aboutmonica.com/
GitHub: m0nica

We are very grateful for the work Monica has done for the React and Open Source community this year. She is committed to open source accessibility for people from different backgrounds and is the founder of React Ladies, a community for women and non-binary React developers. She regularly publishes her content on Egghead and on her blog. Read her blog, Keeping Server Side Rendering Cool with React Hydration.

Prince Wilson

New York, USA
Twitter: @maxcell
Twitching: maxcellw
GitHub: maxcell

If you love building things, bringing people together, accessibility and technical safety, Prince is your go-to place. We’re inspired by their work making CS education accessible to everyone as an instructor on egghead.io, Twitch streamer, and faculty member at Yale University teaching web developers and software engineering. We were also informed that Prince will be coding the technology for a pet corgi and talking about what is deeply relatable content.

Logan Yu

New York, USA
Twitter: @loganyu
Website: https://www.loganyu.com/
GitHub: loganyu

Logan is an open source champion. Not only does he bless us with his ReactJS and PyTorch content, but he also contributes to the GitHub Arctic Code Vault, a snapshot of millions of repositories archived in a disused coal mine deep under an arctic mountain in Svalbard, Norway. Logan’s GitHub commit story blew us away, and in 1000 years, when archaeologists rediscover the vault, we expect them to be blown away as well.

Many thanks to our Facebook open source community. We are excited to see what you will create in 2021!

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