Fb is an Open Supply Ally

Facebook is an ally for inclusion in open source and we are committed to promoting inclusive environments for everyone who wants to participate in open source communities. As part of this effort, we’re making some changes to the way we interact with the open source communities we belong to and how our own open source projects are maintained.

First, we review all of the communities we fund and require them to have and apply codes of conduct in the future. We believe codes of conduct are critical to making projects welcoming and inclusive, and it is important to us that all of the communities we participate in share these values.

Second, we are updating our Code of Conduct to ensure that we can take into account circumstances where someone’s conduct outside of a project could harm the project or its community. This approach has been part of the code of conduct for many other projects originally developed by the team working on the Go programming language, and we think it makes sense too.

Open source is about more than just code – it’s also about enabling environments in which employees from different backgrounds can have respectful, constructive conversations. Facebook is with those who support inclusion and we welcome others to join us.

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