Father And Son TikTok Duo Evaluate Greatest Donuts In Ocean Metropolis

OCEAN CITY, NJ – A father and son duo known for their viral alcohol reviews on TikTok recently went to Ocean City, but this time to check out donuts on the boardwalk.

John Rondi Sr. and John Rondi Jr. shot their first TikTok video in February 2020 under the name “JohnnyDrinks” the background.

The simple video went viral overnight and was viewed more than 788,000 times. Weeks later, with the coronavirus pandemic closing bars and restaurants, Junior continued to upload videos of his father making drinks and checking out new flavors of spiked seltzer at their northern New Jersey home.

Her TikTok account has amassed a million followers over 18 months. Their most recent videos include brief instructions on how to make certain drinks and jokes between the duo as Junior asks his father questions about the cocktails he makes.

The couple recently shot a video in Ocean City, where their family has been vacationing for over 20 years.

There is no alcohol in the shops or restaurants of the dry city. Instead, the duo checked out fresh, hot donuts sold in iconic shops on the boardwalk.

In addition to their quick TikTok videos, they also post longer videos on YouTube and experiment with food reviews. In their latest endeavor, they were also helped by Shaun Latham, a comic that appeared on Comedy Central and directed a cooking show called “$ 20 Chef”.

“We thought it would be fun to try the best donuts on the OC boardwalk,” Junior told Patch, describing her family as “big fans of OC.”

In a video recording their donut tour, the trio cycled a Surrey bike down the boardwalk and stopped at Browns Restaurant, Bob’s Grill, and Oves Restaurant.

In the final section of the video, they rated their favorite donuts from each restaurant in four categories, including appearance, topping, batter, and overall.

Her full video can be found on YouTube.

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