Fadnavis seeks suo-motu motion by cops into TikTok star’s ‘suicide’

BJP chairman Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday said Maharashtra police should take suo-motu action against the alleged suicide of a 23-year-old woman in Pune and asked if the police are under pressure related to the case.

Some social media posts have claimed that the woman, who died on February 8 after falling from a building in Punes Hadapsar area, was related to a state minister.

According to the Wanwadi police, who recorded an accidental death, there was no suicide note.

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Fadnavis had previously announced on Friday that his office had received 12 excerpts from the conversation between two people connected with the death of the woman and that he had forwarded them to the director general of the police.

Speaking to reporters at Nagpur Airport on Sunday, Fadnavis said he believed the police action on the case “is not as serious as it should have been”.

The question therefore arises whether the police are under pressure, he said.

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The clips related to this case are very clear and based on those clips the police should take Suo Motu action (on their own), he said.

“The voice in the clip is very easy for everyone to recognize, and the police should also disclose whose voice is in the clip, which is hidden by the police,” said the former prime minister, without giving a name.

A crime should be registered and the truth should come out before people, he said.

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