Faculties Report Hundreds in Harm from TikTok Developments Inciting Vandalism

ROCK SPRING – The Rock Springs Police Department (RSPD) has investigated several school vandalism that was directly related to TikTok’s recent social media trends.

According to the RSPD, the vandalism sparked by the trend caused thousands of dollars in damage to the buildings in Sweetwater School District No. 1 and significantly disrupted the learning environment for the students.

Through its investigation, the RSPD has learned that through July 2022, there are several more trends known as “TikTok Challenges” that have different challenges each month that appear to target schools, staff and students.

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Most of the challenges are crimes and, according to the RSPD, “it will thoroughly investigate all incidents and bring those responsible to justice. Incidents on the school premises can also lead to disciplinary action by the school against the responsible students who are related to the crimes. “

Many students seem aware of the challenges, and RPSD wants parents to talk to their children about these social media trends, the criminal nature of the trends, and the implications of participating in those trends.

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