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We never know if it could happen again. Instagram could one day have a bug that would cause you to lose your designs.

Is there a solution?

The solution is to save your Reels design.

Cool, but you could:

  • Actually schedule your role feed
  • Prepare your reels lettering
  • Preview your Reels feed before posting
  • Set different cover pictures or change your thumbnail

In that case, you can use the preview app (tutorial below).

Preview has an Instagram Reels Planner in the phone app and on the desktop.

You can upload your reels designs and post them later.

Frequently asked Questions:

How many roles can I upload?
As many as you want.

Can I choose my video thumbnail or set a cover photo from my camera roll?
Yes. Check out the tutorial here.

Can I preview my Reels video with the rest of my Instagram feed?
Yes. Select the option “Show in feed”. Your Reels Draft will appear with the rest of your Instagram feed and scheduled posts (if you also want to schedule photos, carousels, and videos).

Can I prepare my Reels subtitles?

Can I prepare my hashtags?
Yes. There is also a “hashtag finder” function. It’s like an Instagram hashtag generator. All hashtags were handpicked by a real human, not a robot or random AI. This will give you great suggestions if you ever need help choosing hashtags.

Can I save my Reels design with the audio?
Yes. Check out the tutorial here.

Here’s how to preview your Reels design.
The steps are the same in the desktop version (if you want to plan on your computer).

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